Trip Report

Me next to my Concorde in Concorde lounge.

This video was taken by my friend J Beddoes, its of him and the others going through the departures gate. I followed a few mins after him with BBC tv crew filming me.

 (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

Good evening this is Captain Andy Mills its my privilege to be flying you to New York this evening on Concorde, for the last time err in my case ……….  

The weather this evening is err ok it’s errr perhaps quite good, the weather in New York is errm strong winds from south west and partially cloudy with the odd shower in the evening.

Flight time is 3 hrs 34 minutes quite long flight today ……… with fair winds.

Thee crew with me today Senior First Officer James Bedforth, Senior Engineering officer Peter Carrigan and cabin senior cabin crew member is Andréa Larta so we errr look forward to welcoming you a board shortly thank you for your attention.

After his speech he briefly mingled with passengers and signed a few flight certificates before he made his way to Concorde to start the pre flight checks with James Bedforth and Peter Carrigan.

In the Concorde lounge on the tannoy Captain Andy Mills said the following


The Concorde Lounge

I was standing near the window gazing out in utter awe and excitement at my Concorde,  

The retired American pilot (who I’d spoken to in the computer room) came up to me and said


Can you take a photo of me in front of Concorde ?

I happily said


  Sure no worries, where’s the camera ?

He gave me his digital camera which was silver and looked the size of a credit card. He told me how to use to it.  I took one photo of him standing next to Concorde, he came over looked at the picture on the camera’s mini TV screen and didn’t like it.

I took a second photo he looked at the picture on the camera’s mini TV screen and happily said


I really like the photo, thank you for taking that photo of me.

I asked another person to take a photo of me in the same place but he didn’t know how to use my EOS 3 camera and took a photo of Concorde with me a bit blurry …………. doh.

 (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen this announcement is for passengers travelling on British Airways Concorde flight BA001, this flight will shortly be ready for boarding.

Passengers who wish to take photographs during the processing of Concorde may come to forward to the errr boarding gate err  now please, we just remind you that we will boarding shortly thank you.

Please Note


At the time of making this web page it is June 2008, the sound on the above recording is now very distorted and drops out a bit as it was made on 21 Oct 2003 and over time the tape it was on has deteriorated badly……But in Nov 2003 when I started writing the original my trip report the sound on the recording was pin sharp.

When we heard this the atmosphere in the lounge felt like it  had gone up another and started to get more exciting and vibrant, people where in a happier mood and where laughing and talking more to each other more as we where all excited looking forward to the flight.

Airside on the tarmac Peter Carrigan (Senior Flight Engineer) was walking around G-BOAD checking to see all was ok with Concorde before our flight.

On the tannoy we heard in a male English accent