Trip Report

The Concorde Lounge

This saddened people a lot …….I didn’t want to depress people as for me this was  a trip of a life time, this was going to be a dream come true, but when they asked me questions about Concorde I couldn’t lie and say it was all going to be ok, when the truth was it wasn’t going to be ok at all ……

On the tannoy in a Scottish accent we heard a lady say



     (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen this announcement is for passengers travelling on British Airways Concorde supersonic flight BA zero zero 1 to New York.

If any passengers have coats they would like for us to hang aboard the aircraft can they please bring them to the Concorde boarding desk together with the boarding pass.

I would also like to advise passengers that storage space is extremely limited on board Concorde…… if you have any items like hand baggage that you do not require please bring them to the boarding gate thank you.

The waitresses came over offered us all caviar and salmon on small round Ritz like crackers with large glasses of Champaign.

When I saw the black caviar I felt like throwing up as I ain’t use to eating posh food, I know what caviar is and how they get it. I never had champaign in my life I didn’t know what kind of reaction my body would have had so I gave it and the caviar a miss and continued to chat to my fellow passengers.

While I was standing gazing at Concorde in awe and excitement more people came up to me and happily asked me -

We’ve seen you on TV, How did you get the trip ?

So I happily told them how people on ConcordeSST had helped to make my dream come true, they all said


Where amazed by how all your friends have done this for you.

Although I was surrounded by friendly happy people as I looked around I saw that every one where either in Couples, Families or Groups of friends

Although I was extremely happy to be flying on Concorde  I felt like I was the only one who was totally on his own. I know I had Andrew Winstanley and British Airways press office to chat to but Andrew and British Airways Press officer where not coming with me on my flight so I could never share with them the utter happiness and joy I knew I was going to experience on my flight.

While Concorde was parked in front of the huge windows I saw a food truck from Gate Gourmet standing next to her and loading her with food and drink for our flight.

Food Truck from Gate Gourmet loading our food for the flight.

While this was going on a few people where standing in front of the window and having their photos taken in front of her.

It was 5.15pm and I knew I had to put a post on the Concorde SST forum about me in the Concorde lounge, I tried to find a spare PC in the Concorde lounge but believe it or not it only had 2 PCs in it the other 4 desks just had a phone on it, the 2 PCs where being used so I had to wait and......wait and ........wait......

Only 2 PCs in Concorde lounge and both where being used (as a guy who was using the PC infront of us was behind me while I took this photo).

Computer room in Concorde Lounge no PCs here ………. Doh.

While I was waiting for a PC to become free I spoke to a retired American pilot who was also waiting for a PC, he was in his late 60s, 6,5ft and average build, he was a very nice guy (I did NOT say that in a gay way as I aint gay).

He smile and said


I’ve been flying for many years and I’ve flown all sorts of planes, but I really love Concorde as she is unique.

I’m very sad to see her being “ retired “ as there was no need for this to happen…………

I replied


I agree with you but there isn’t much we can do about it as I feel Airbus are the ones who are forcing British Airways to ground her, by charging British Airways to much for parts and servicing.

He said


Is there any thing we can do to save her and to keep her flying ?

I replied


I’m sorry but no unless Airbus change their mind, she will never fly again ……….

I looked at my watch and it was getting late and none of the PCs in the Concorde lounge where free, I urgently needed access to the internet so I could let my friends on Concorde SST know where I was and what I was up to. I had to get access to the internet to do that as on Concorde SST it was tradition for their members to say where they where via the internet so I didn’t want to let my friends down by not doing this.

I went back in to the main Concorde lounge and found the British Airways press officer talking to Andrew and the BBC camera man.

In a calm but worried voice I asked the British Airways press officer


Can I get access to the internet from any where else ?

She replied


Go upstairs to the normal first class lounge there should be some free Computers there.

When I got to the first class lounge it was ok but compared to the Concorde lounge the first class lounge looked and felt very “ busy and crowded “.....above all it was very “ hectic” unlike the Concorde lounge which was super chilled out and relaxed....

I asked first class lounge receptionist


Where are the PCs as I need to get access to the internet.

The receptionist checked my “Concorde“ ticket and pointed me in the direction of where they roughly where, I quickly walked in the direction she pointed me in and found the Computers, but I was amazed to see that they where all being used.

I expected the first class lounge to be more sedate and relaxed than economy class, I expected the first class lounge to have a lot more computers with internet access than they where as this was “ first class“ not “economy class“ but the first class lounge only had 5 or 6 and there where people queuing up to use them. I never expected this at all in first class.