Trip Report

These are those steps I walked up with the BBC filming me.

The BBC set their cameras up, we had British Airways’s press officer and British Airways’s security watching me and the BBC TV crew.

We all waited for Concorde, when we saw her the BBC and British Airways staff allowed me to run wild around that area with my EOS 3…… I was let loose to take as many photos of her as I wanted while the BBC filmed me doing this. I felt like a kid in a toy shop and within 10 minutes I used 1-2 reels of film.

Video of G-BOAD being pulled towards

 the Concorde Lounge

Pictures are not pin sharp as they where taken through green tinted

I asked Andrew and the BBC camera crew


Can we go back to the Concorde lounge as I want to get a different angle of her

coming in ?

Andrew and the camera man said


Yes fine.

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and headed straight to the wall of plate glass windows in the lounge which faced the Concorde parking area. Andrew, the BBC camera man and British Airway’s press officer quickly followed me.

When I got to the lounge the rest of the passengers had all gone to the windows and where watching and taking photos of our plane being towed in.

At first I panicked and thought


     I ain't going to get any more photos of Concorde from here.

but I found an empty space and took more photos of her being pulled in head on.

Andrew, the BBC camera man and British Airway’s press officer finally caught up with me, they could see what I was doing and they allowed me to carry on taking photos of her.

To me she felt like she was “ my “ plane and no one else’s, I felt like British Airways had specially towed her in for me.

The Concorde Lounge

Concorde being  towed in and parked.

After I finished eating my sandwich Andrew said


Jet we want to film you taking photos of Concorde being pulled in to the parking bay, but we don’t want to do it from the Concorde lounge we want to do it from a different area.

British Airway’s press officer checked with her bosses and got clearance to do this, we went outside the Concorde lounge, past the departure desk and up some steps….. to some thing which was airside facing stare well with plated glass, it looked like a L shaped greenhouse and we could look down at the Concorde parking bay