Trip Report

Concorde lounge reception desk

at Heathrow Terminal 4

The Concorde Lounge

I walked down the corridor and saw the immortal words “Concorde Room” on the left side of the door frame :-

Front door of Concorde Room at Heathrow Airport - Terminal 4

Next to the tall double mahogany wooden doors which had white frosted glass in them there was a young British Airways 20 some thing receptionist standing behind a tall brown coloured 2ft wide by 5 ft high desk, I went up to her and nervously asked


    Can I ….  sorry could I go in ?

She politely replied


Can I see your ticket and passport sir ?

I showed her these items, she checked them and with a smile said



and I was allowed in to the lounge.

As I walked through the double doors, almost tripped my self up and nearly fell over as I was that excited about my flight. On my right hand side next to those doors there was another reception desk I went over to the desk and the receptionist asked


Can I see your ticket and  passport sir ?

I gave her both and after she checked them out all was fine.