Trip Report

Video of G-BOAD being towed.

I wasn’t there to see her being washed and towed across the Concorde crossing at East Church road as I was to busy checking-in  and being filmed by the BBC, but many of friends including


   Peer, Thalystgv, Tridentman, Lara, Rainbow Warrior and Jez etc.

Where there to watch and video her being washed and  moved to terminal 4.

G-BOAD having a shower

(10am - 1pm) - Tuesday 21 Oct 2003

Then the same team who worked on her in the hanger got their tool kits and drove to Terminal 4 stand V14 (also known as stand 421) and re-checked both Concordes both planes passed with flying colours.

When the Concorde Managers where 100% satisfied and 100% happy that both Concordes where up to scratch and in a fit state to fly, the backup Concorde was first towed to Terminal 4’s Concorde area at around 11am.

In the afternoon at around 2.30pm the main Concorde (the one which I was going to fly to New York on) was towed to Terminal 4's Concorde parking area to be readied for my flight.

If there was any doubt or worry on the main Concorde’s flight worthiness then the faulty one would not have been used and the backup Concorde would have taken over as the one to fly to New York because to British Airways the safety of Concorde’s crew and passengers took priority over every thing else.