Trip Report

Video of G-BOAD having a shower

When this was complete the Engineers checked and prepared both planes for my flight.

The Engineering team was made up of 4 technicians



         Looked after Concorde’s airframe and engines.


         Looked after all of Concorde’s electrical systems


         Looked after things like wheel changes, topping up engine oils and other normal every day

         tasks associated with maintaining Concorde.

While both planes where in the hanger they walked around the aircraft  and checked the following items


When they where happy each plane was towed outside the hanger and handed over to the movements team (the guys in those flat trucks which pulled Concorde) who towed Concorde over to Terminal 4.

Flat truck (under her nose) towing my backup Concorde G-BOAG.

While she and the backup Concorde where being towed to Terminal 4…… in the Concorde hanger the Engineering team checked the paper work and made sure that all the was work done, all the Ts had been crossed and all the Qs had been ticked and signed for so it was all legal and above board.

G-BOAD having a shower

(10am - 1pm) - Tuesday 21 Oct 2003

While mum and I where on our way  to Heathrow, in the British Airways Concorde hangers at Heathrow Airport Concorde engineers and staff  where busy cleaning and washing my Concorde and backup Concorde for my flight

My Concorde having a shower before my flight.