Trip Report

When dreams became “ True “

Tuesday 21st Oct 2003

Filming me in the Concorde Checkin area

They filmed the clerk handing the ticket to me with my boarding pass

So the camera could see it right way up instead of upside down, they filmed

  BBC camera man filming clerk putting                  Peergint videoing the BBC filming me.

                            baggage tag on my bags

While all this was going on passengers for my flight and for the first class 747 flights where still checking in, when they checked in filming was stopped to let them check-in, before the filming was restarted. Some of the passengers looked around in a " wondered what was going on here " on kind of look, but they all checked-in and walked off towards the airport security gates.

BBC camera man filming me while I check-in,  JezH’s back on right of  photo filming

and taking photos of the BBC filming me.

(Click on photos for better view)

A Police officer came over to Tridentman and asked him what was going on,  when I saw him I felt very insulted (as during summer 2003 Heathrow police made my life hell for no valid reason see :- Heathrow Police chapter for more info on this) and even today they would not leave me alone.

Then I thought :- ..... Oh oh he's gonna tell me to " move a long, move along ".

But in the end I didn't let it get to me as this was "MY" happiest day and not his and nothing Heathrow Police could have done could have made it unhappy so ignored him and got on with checking in and having fun.

JezH, Andrew Winstanley and British Airways press officer

watching me being Filmed.

While I was at Heathrow checking in being filmed by the BBC on Concorde SST more people had added comments to Sparkys on the eve thread :-

At Heathrow while the BBC where filming me Jez, Peergint, Thalystgv and the others where taking photos and filming Andrew and the BBC crew filming me at the same time, it was very funny, extremely happy and extremely special time for me.

Tridentman filming the BBC who where filming me checking

While all this was going on my mum stood there and watched (on 23 Oct 2003 after I got home from my flight) she said today (21 Oct 2003) was one the happiest and proudest moments of her life........she was extremely happy for me and grateful to all my friends for making this moment happen.

I finally checked my baggage in and the check in clerk put a British Airways barcode luggage tag on it

Barcode luggage tag on my bag

On the left and right you'll see the words JFK then next to BA 1 /21 1830....that was British Airways code for New York-JFK, flight BA 1 = Concorde,

21 = today's date, 1830 = time of depature from Heathrow.

But the BBC camera man said


Cut and lets do it again as I haven't filmed the luggage tag in detail being put on your bag.

So I stood next to Andrew and the British Airways Press officer while the BBC camera man took a video of the luggage tag being put in on Sparky’s tripod bag (which Sparky had lent me for my flight), by the check-in clerk.

He looked at his footage was happy with it and said


This time round the camera man got the shot he wanted.

I never knew being on TV and filming TV shows was such hard work.

Andrew Winstanley, Me and British Airways press officer waiting while

cameraman film’s luggage tag  being put on Sparky’s tripod bag.

At last it was all over, I finally checked in and I was allowed to go to the Concorde lounge.  I was relived, excited, very happy and anxious to get in there as soon as possible because I didn't want to miss her being pulled in.

I thanked all the check-in clerks, I giggled and started smiling more and more. I ended up with a huge smile on my face as big as the sun. I felt physically warm, I was very very excited, very very very happy, a wave of happiness and utter joy raced through me at a thousand miles an hour, I knew I was on my way to see her and fly on her at mach 2, I knew now that this was NOW real.

   Me just before I left check-in for the Concorde lounge.

As I left the Concorde check in I made sure I had all my hand luggage (my camera bag and BBC Camcorder carrier bag,). I again thanked every one, hugged my mum and said good bye. Every one was smiling at me, every one felt extremely happy for me. I started walking to the Concorde departures security area, I smiled a lot and happily said :- yes, yes, yes

On my way there I walked past 2 British Airways stewardesses..... Wow they both looked gorgeous and I felt even happier... Seeing them just made my whole day seem even better.

As I walked past them I couldn’t help my self, I turned around, looked at every one, went on my knees, raised my arms above my head  and with happiness shouted :- Yes Yes Yes.....

I was full of utter joy and happiness in my life, I was so so so so happy I couldn’t help how I felt as I knew the dream of flying on Concorde was now slowly starting become real :-)

The stewardesses just looked at me, laughed and walked off, I didn’t care I was very very happy :-)

(The above is video of what actually happened).

Then I got up turned right and went down a corridor but I got lost ........ Doh, as I went down there British Airways staff quickly said


You’re going the wrong way, you’re going in to staff entrance.

What's your flight number and where do you want to go ?

(in a bit of a panicky voice) I replied


I'm flying on Concorde BA001

And I showed them my ticket, British Airways staff quickly pointed me to the direction of departures then I ran.

I finally found departures, I queued up with other people and then saw a metal door frame and a x-ray machine next to it, the metal door frame was a metal detector I put my camera, my coat and everything loose I had went in a tray which passed through the X-ray machine. Mean while, while this was going on I went through the  metal door frame...... It beeped a few times I showed the security officer my watch, my bracelet, my belt buckle and my Asthma medicine.... all was fine.

I was now in a bit of panic and hurry (as I didn't want to miss my Concorde being towed across), I rushed over to my tray of  things (quickly put them all back where they come from) and started running past a parade of shops and tried to find the Concorde lounge, but I got lost.

I found the nearest Boots chemist, found a pretty shop assistant and in a panic

I said


I'm meant to be flying on Concorde, but I'm lost where's the Concorde lounge ?

She pointed me in the right direction and I quickly started to walk that way.....When I finally saw signs for the Concorde lounge I was relived as I knew I'd reached the path way to heaven.

My heart jumped a beat and I felt like shouting yipeeeeeeeeeeeee, yahoooooooooo but I didn't do that I kept my cool as I didn't want people to think idiot.