Trip Report

I thought Mrs Sparky was going to be there as I heard as she was the manager of Concorde check-in clerks, seeing her while I would have been checking in would have brilliant as but I think she was off duty which was a shame.

I joked and giggled a bit with them with pure happiness.

Me giggling and joking with Check-in clerks.

I gave mum the beige trench coat and waited for a while at the check-in desk as I couldn't check in until the check in staff had been briefed by Andrew and his camera man and by The British Airways press officer.

While they did this and I walked back to the centre of isle and patently waited with Tridentman.

BBC camera man filming more times during  my checking in.


I was filmed from  many different angles and points

 of  view by the BBC camera man.

Me, Andrew Winstanley and Tridentman waiting while Concorde

check-in clerks are briefed by the BBC cameraman and British Airways

Press officer

When they had finished briefing the check-in staff Andrew stood to one side and said


    Action ………

They filmed me walking over to the check-in desk handing my passport, Concorde ticket and luggage to the check-in clerk.

Me checking in

My “ dream “ - Concorde ticket

The clerk checked all my things in and with smile said


         Its ok

I joked with check in staff and I told them how happy I was to be here, for the first time in ages I felt special inside. The check in staff laughed and giggled with me and we where having fun.  Andrew said


          And ………………………………….. cut…… Now lets try that from a different angle.

I just cracked up laughing and did it again another 4-5 times.

When dreams became “ True “

Tuesday 21st Oct 2003

Filming me in the Concorde Checkin area


After waiting for what felt like ages the British Airways Press officer finally came back

and said in a cheery voice


Right I have the passes.

She quickly and calmly gave the passes to Andrew and the BBC cameraman.

Andrew said


Jet you can check-in now

But before I was allowed go near the check-in desks Andrew told me what kind of  filming he wanted to do and walked with me to the check-in desk and walked back with me to the centre of the isle opposite the check-in desks so I knew what was required, how to behave, how to look and what was do.

In the mean time the British Airways press officer stood in front of the BBC camera holding a piece A4 paper in front of it like a paper clapper board.

(Left – right) BBC camera man filming BRITISH AIRWAYS Press office, me, Andrew Winstanley walking through with me on how he wanted things to be filmed, JezH’s back on right of  photo.

When all this was ok Andrew said


Action ……….

I didn’t need to be told twice as couldn’t wait to check in. In my mind I was ticking down the time as to when Concorde would be pulled in and what pictures I could take if I missed the pull in. I was excited that the flight was finally happening.

I shook hands with every one, said thanks to them all for all their support and help, then said good bye and hugged my mum, I happily told her not to worry as I would be ok (as I trusted British Airways, Concorde and my Concorde pilots with my life).

Peer said


Jet don’t worry I’ll take your mum to the end of the runway to see your take off.

When he said this I was relieved and this was a huge weight off my shoulder as I desperately wanted mum to see my Concorde take off and I was very lucky that  my friends from Concorde SST rallied round and helped my mum see me fly on Concorde.

When you see films of Astronauts walking out of the door of their buildings and waving to every one before they get on a bus to go to the launch pad, I felt like that.  

I went over to the check in desk and happily said :- Hi to the check-in clerks.

They where really nice and where in their late 40s early 50s.