Trip Report

When dreams became “ True “

Tuesday 21st Oct 2003

In the Concorde Checkin area

A few minutes after the interview with Jez other people took a photo of my mum, me, Tridentman and Jez (see below)

My mum, Me, Tridentman and JezH

Me near Concorde check-in desk under one world sign


Tridentman got a phone call from Gordon saying


I'm on my way home but the gearbox  sensor in my car is playing up so I can only drive home at 50 mph from Birmingham.

50mph from Birmingham is S L O W but there wasn't much Gordon could do, at least Gordon was making the effort to come home rather than being stuck in Birmingham until his car got fixed.

We where all waiting for the BBC TV crew to arrive, the atmosphere was chilled out, very relaxed and above all it was extremely happy. I was really looking forward to my flight and I was calmly excited inside but I wasn't nervous, anxious or pressurised at all.

Jez and the others asked  


Where are the BBC ?

Are they here yet ?

With a blank look I replied


I don’t know.

They all said


We wish the BBC would hurry up or you'll miss the tow across to the boarding gate .

(Watching my Concorde being pulled to my boarding gate outside the Concorde lounge from its hangers)


At that moment I did I start to panic a tiny bit thinking where are they as I don't want to miss the tow across photos.

If they had not come in time then I would have checked in and gone in to the Concorde lounge with out them as I wasn't bothered about being on TV or not, what concerned me was my flight and the fact that I didn't want to miss anything special happening in the Concorde lounge.

To calm  my nerves Jez  and Tridentman interviewed me to see how I felt at the time.

This is the unedited video of that interview, I can’t remember if it has any bad language in it. If you’re offended by bad language please don’t watch it.  But this video shows how I actually felt at the time.