Trip Report

When dreams became “ True “

Tuesday 21st Oct 2003

In the Concorde checkin area

Now that I had my Concorde ticket we had Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A


Was for Sparky to get to New York - JFK before me on Cartman the 747 and meet me just as I arrived from Concorde.

Plan B


Was to wait for a stand bye seat on Concorde and get on Concorde with me.

But plan B was never 100% certain due to the vast distance and time involved it wasn't possible to get on a plane after I left and still get to New York before me.

As mine was the only Concorde out of Heathrow on that day and there isn't any other plane in the whole world as fast as Concorde so it would not have been possible for Sparky  to get to New York before me if he left after me.

Not even a RAF fighter plane like the Tornado or US Air Force F15 or B1 supersonic bomber could have beat Concorde to New York as Concorde IS the fastest plane currently in the sky. Only 2 things could beat Concorde to New York the SR71A Blackbird or the Space Shuttle, (In Oct 2003) but both are grounded until further notice.

Because of the lack of time Sparky had to leave,  I felt sad that he could not fly with me on Concorde as it would have been a real laugh for me and Sparky to fly on the same Concorde ..... wow that would have been so cool, but that wasn't meant to be..........

Before Sparky left for New York Sparky and I shook hands


Me and Sparky shaking hands before his flight and saying to each

other see you in New York before Sparky got his flight.

Then in happy giggly mood we both said to each other


       See you in New York.

I felt like we where like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldine who where going to the moon and who had said before Apollo 11 lifted off see you on the moon, it just felt like that.

Sparky got his bag and walked off in to the distance towards the countless check-in desks for Cartman the 747 and started on his journey  to New York 7 hours a head of me.

Me, Jez and the others stood in the area just before the Concorde check-in desks, during this time we all chatted, giggled and waited for Andrew Winstanley and the BBC crew to turn up.

I felt so privileged and so special to have so many good friends supporting me on my flight god it felt so so good and warm. There was a great deal of happiness and warmth in the whole area, the whole atmosphere felt like some thing from a Care bear cartoon it felt so so warm wonderful,  safe and above all happy.

I saw Peer and his mum, Beauchamp, I think I saw Thalystgv, Rainbow and Lara coming towards where we all standing near the Concorde check in area, I was very happy to see them all and in a happy voice said :- Hi to them in as it was great to see them all and it felt like a party type situation.

Mum and few others went to get a bite to eat, they asked


 Jet do you want to get some thing eat ?

I replied


No as I don’t want to run to men's room before my flight.

Then some one said


There will be food in the Concorde lounge.

I happily said


Great I'll get a bite to eat in there


I was standing in the smokers area near the Concorde check-in desk with Tridentman, JezH, Pat & Colin Nugent, Beauchamp and few other people. Jez got his camcorder out and pretended to be a BBC News reporter that made me laugh.

While he videoed me he asked me various questions like how I did I feel now etc, I laughed and giggled, I answered questions as honestly and as openly I could, I felt so so relaxed, completely happy, content and calm with life, all my worries where gone and I could be " me" ..... talking to Jez on camcorder felt so good and Jez  is a good friend of mine.