Trip Report

When dreams became “ True “

Tuesday 21st Oct 2003

At Terminal 4

So he went to get his done, me and mum tried to see where the coffee bar was, I finally spotted it, walked past the coffee bar and saw Tridentman, Jez and many others from the forum.

I put my bags down next to where they where standing and they said


You look smart.

I then started to really chill out, relax, and chat with every one. It felt brilliant, I felt happy and calm, now I really felt that I was on my way as I could see the Concorde check-in 20-30 feet away from where I was standing, we all chatted about Concorde and had a laugh, I was on a high.

Jez said


Jet I've seen flight international in WH Smiths which contains an article on Concorde

This is the very magazine which was taken by me on my flight.

In the Concorde checkin area

He showed me the magazine and I thought :- I have got to have it

So I left mum with the others (Pat and Colin Nugent and Beauchamp)  while me and Jez walked to WH Smiths in terminal 4. I felt like an excited 16 year old  at a school Christmas disco who had sneaked out with one of his best mates to go to the off licence to buy booze it felt great.

Even Heathrow Police who walked around Terminal 4 with bullet proof  vests and loaded machine guns didn't say :-

                 Ello ello ello, move along, move along, move along.

(like they normally do when I INNOCENTLY stand out side Heathrow in a PUBLIC and LEGAL place taking photos of Concorde taking off and landing).

The police where ok and left me alone.

When we got back I asked


Where’s Gordon ?

Tridentman replied


Gordon couldn't make it, as last night (20 Oct 2003) he went to Birmingham to see yesterday's 10am Concorde from Heathrow land at Birmingham.

But on his way home Gordon had major problems with his car and he had to stay over night in a hotel until his car was fixed.

I felt sad about Gordon not being there as it would have been great to see him and for him to be there with the others to give me a good send me off on my flight .....  but that's life, we where all still having fun.


Sparky happily but reluctantly said


I have to go and fly on Cartman the 747.

I really wanted to wait to see if I could have got hold of any standby seats on your Concorde as that would be such a laugh it would be such a crack.

(looking at his watch and thinking about it)

But waiting for those seats is taking a huge risk because there is no guarantee that those seats will be available as it all depends on people not turning up for the flight, if they don't turn up then I can get a stand bye seat.

.....I don’t want to take the risk of not getting a seat on Concorde and not getting to New York before you so its better for me to go now rather than take the risk and  loose the flight on Cartman.