Trip Report

When dreams became “ True “  Tuesday 21st Oct 2003  Morning before the flight  At 8.29am me and peer talked about my mum via e-mail  see those e-mails below  :-


At Heathrow the 10am Concorde to Belfast was taking off,  I really wanted to go and see her but I knew if I had got to Heathrow by 10am there is no way I would be able to stay awake on tonight's flight (as I would have had to get up at 5am to have left home by 7.30am to get to Heathrow by 9.30am), I was disappointed at missing her taking off but I knew I had to save my energy for my dream flight.

I triple checked to see if I had all my things with me.

I checked Concorde SST for the last time and saw good luck messages from Tina and Martinmct on Sparky's On the eve... thread but I didn’t have the time to reply to them as my number one priority was to leave for Heathrow a.s.a.p to see Sparky by midday.


Switched off my PC from the mains,  put my beige trench coat over my suite, put my EOS 3 camera bag over my right shoulder,  grabbed my clothes bag with my left hand, looked around the from room before I walked out of front door and in to a cold sunny October morning and made sure the car was locked and safe.

Journey to Heathrow

As Mum and I slowly walked to Romford station I looked at all the familiar buildings and land marks which I'd looked at day in day out for as long as I could remember.

Normally they didn't mean much to me as they where just things and buildings which I had to get past to get to and from home but today looking at them lit up in the morning light the day felt special, it felt mildly magical as in my heart I knew that in the next 8 hours I would have broken the sound barrier and I'd be flying on Concorde.

On our way to the station I totally forgot about all my worries including my job hunting worries and concentrated on what I had to do today, I had to try and enjoy my self and to feel the " Concorde " experience.

At that moment in time I was happy but I didn't feel any real feelings of excitement or fun.

My main concerns where to make sure I was ok, mum was ok, to make sure I had all my things with me and above all I was very very concerned about the trains and getting to Heathrow on time to see Sparky by midday as I know how bad the trains can be and today of all days I did not need the trains mucking up, I didn't really feel anything else.


Got the semi fast train to Liverpool st which stopped at Chadwell Heath, Goodmays, Seven Kings, Ilford, Stratford and Liverpool st  stations. The train wasn't crowded as it could have been thank god because it would have been a night mare carrying all my stuff on a crowded train, but it did have people in it.

As I sat on the train with mum I watched the buildings and stations next to the track rapidly going by, I looked around and realised that in 12 hrs time I could be on Concorde and flying at Mach 2 (1,320 mph) at 58000 feet ..... it didn't seem real.

The journey up to Liverpool st didn't feel any different it  felt like any normal journey I'd make if I was going to work ....


At Liverpool st station I remembered I'd passed through this station countless times on my way to work (when I had full time work). I remembered countless times how I came through the same station .