Trip Report

When dreams became “ True “

Tuesday 21st Oct 2003

Morning before the flight

I’ve also been checking the Concorde SST and have replied to a few of last nights posts on Sparkys

On the eve... thread

Got dressed in my suite and tie (Navy blue 4 buttoned single breasted suite, trousers had turn up bottoms, a purple shirt, matching discreetly patterned purple tie and highly polished Oxford tie shoes - shiny enough for me to see my face in them.).

Had breakfast of 4 toasted Strawberry Jam and butter sandwiches made on whole meal bread by mum. The way she made them today the second I bit in to them they just melted in the mouth. Watched a bit of TV and chilled out but I missed cartoons on children's TV ......... doh. Went to my bedroom did more packing and made sure 3 times that I had my Concorde ticket, passport, money, medicine etc with me.

I also made sure I had a framed photo of my mum and dad, a photo on floppy disc of  Sparky, Peer, Derek and me and in my wallet a photo of me and my ex girl friend (who I love with all my heart).

Framed photo of mum and dad I took with me on Concorde in my bag

(I took that very photo on their wedding anniversary in March 1995)