Trip Report

Monday 20th October 2003  - Eve of my flight

Preparing for the flight

I got home at around 8pm……I was tired, exhausted but happy……before I could chill out and relax I knew I had a lot of things to do, I knew I had a lot of packing and checking of my things to do……I had a bite to eat watched a bit of Eastenders before I went to my bedroom.

I knew I had to ware a suite on Concorde but it was a choice between


I chose the single breasted suit as that looked “ trendy “ and fashionable as all the people working in the city for merchant banks and trendy people on TV like Jonathon Ross, Martin Kemp from Spandua Ballet and Eastenders where all wearing single breasted suits……On Concorde I wanted to look as cool as these guys because after all I was gonna fly on “ Concorde “ and not some slow fat lump like the Boeing 747, 777 or Airbus A340.

The next thing I needed to do was to decide was what colour shirt and tie combination should I ware with the suite it was a choice between


such as my froggy or fishy tie.

After many minutes of trying different combinations on with the suite and trying to decide which combination looked cool, classic with (hint of modern trendy), smart, young and up to date.... I decide to go for purple shirt with matching purple patterned tie as that to me looked and felt right....The other combinations (see above list) just didn’t feel quite right.

I thought about wearing the interview shirt and tie but in the end decided I definitely didn’t want to do that as I wasn’t going for a job a interview I was gonna get dressed for the trip of a life time on “ Concorde “.

Up until May 2001 because I’d worked as a full time Computer Operator  for banks, finance houses etc in the City….. Most of these places had a rule where all Computer Operators had to ware either suites and ties or shirts and ties so over the years of me working in these places I became a peacock……I became “ Mr Trendy“ and bought many coloured shirts with matching ties etc for work to look cool, professional and trendy in.

Before I wore the purple shirt combination I made sure it was washed and ironed…..I made sure my patterned purple silk tie was hung in the tie rack (to get the creases out) as I wanted to look immaculate in the morning as I was going to fly on   “Concorde“.

When I was satisfied with this I took my shoes off and polished them until they shined…..put my shoes in front of the wardrobe…..carefully hung up my suit and shirt up on the wardrobe door (to get the creases out of my clothes) and to make sure they were ware I could instantly see them in the morning.

After this I logged on to the internet and checked what was happening on ConcordeSST, then I started to pack all the clothes I was going to ware in New York and packed my spare Asthma medicine.

I’d never been to New York…..I’d checked a website on New York and that gave me a rough indication of the weather but I wasn’t 100% sure so I didn’t know what the weather was going to be really like….. I didn’t know how hot/cold it was going to be……I didn’t know what I’d be really doing so I didn’t know how many clothes I needed…..I didn’t know what type of clothes to take (winter or summer clothes)….. I didn’t know what people walking down the street wore in New York and in America.

I didn’t want to look out of place so I packed


Then I double checked and cleaned the EOS 3 and its lenses….. made sure I had 2 spare packs of batteries for camera and flash gun and 10-15 spare rolls of ASA200 and 400 film……I checked my passport and Concorde ticket and put them all in a safe place where I could quickly find them in the morning.