Trip Report

Monday 20th October 2003  - Eve of my flight

Concorde Hanger visit

The other meeting was with one of my friends who (at the time thanks to the very kind permission of British Airways Concorde managers) had allowed me and Jez to visit Concorde in her hanger to see a real Concorde, I was so so excited.

When we got there at 12.30pm Jez and I where at all times supervised and watched by British Airways staff and British Airways security. As we where taken around Concorde .(G-BOAF the one now based at Filton), British Airways staff explained briefly things about Concorde.

This was the first time I’d ever been so close to Concorde (as every other time I watched her taking off or landing or being towed across the Concorde crossing) but now I was actually allowed to see her, touch her, caress her, kiss her and hold her in my arms, wow this was so so so exciting I nearly wet my self.

I never thought I would be so so lucky to visit a “ live “ – mach 2 capable Concorde at Heathrow’s Concorde hangers, I never ever thought this at all but I was extremely lucky this happened and I adored every single second of the visit.

I was like I kid in sweet shop I was in utter awe about actually being allowed to sit on a Concorde seat wow that just sent my mind and soul in to outer space as I thought


Wow this is so so cool, it so so brilliant I’ve chased this bird for 27 years and never thought this amount of good luck could happen to me, but it has happened to me.

I am truly grateful for this, I’m actually sitting inside her and I am over the moon…….. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Me in G-BOAF’s Captain seat.  

I was for that moment in time “ Captain Jet ”

At the time Concorde was parked in  the Concorde hangers at Heathrow, but the plane was in full working order and if the real Concorde pilots wanted she could be fuelled up and fly  at mach 2 at any time, knowing I was sitting in a "live" Concorde which could  do this was a huge thrill.

Me and Jez in G-BOAF – Jez in the Captains seat  me pretending to be

a co-pilot with my hands on Concorde's throttle levers

(These are same throttle levers the pilot's used to accelerate Concorde to twice the speed of sound).

At the time Concorde was parked in  the Concorde hangers at Heathrow, but the plane was in full working order and if the real Concorde pilots wanted she could be fuelled up and fly  at mach 2 at any time.  Knowing I was sitting in a "live" Concorde which could do this was a huge thrill.

Supervised by British Airways staff Jez and a few hours looking at her, we where like school kids in a toy shop, meaning that Jez asked me to take photos of him in and around Concorde and I asked Jez to take photos of me in and around Concorde wow we had such a laugh……We where giggling all the time and where so so happy, on that visit I took 60 photos I think, Jez I think took more than  me.

As we walked around Concorde many British Airways Concorde engineers had seen me in tv and they all happily said


We’ve seen you on tv, you’re the guy who loves Concorde.

I happily chatted to them and it was great to meet them. They are all a wonderful hard working, friendly and very professional  group of people who adore Concorde as much as I do and are lucky enough to look after her, they all take pride in their work and do their very best to make sure EVERY single Concorde was as good as they can make it as for Concorde only the best is good enough.

They knew my flight was tomorrow and said G-BOAF would be the Concorde I’d be flying on, before we left the Concorde hangers I patted G-BOAF and happily said to her


See you tomorrow girl

Apart from being completely thrilled to bits at being allowed to see a “real” Concorde, Today was the eve of my dream Concorde flight so having the chance to visit a real Concorde also allowed me to get use to the plane because apart from the Ryan Air 737-200 Concorde was only the 2nd plane I had ever been on in my life…… Now that I had seen Concorde tomorrow I wouldn’t be so shocked, worried or confused about where the toilets and exits where or how big the seats where as today I had been allowed to get use to all this which was fantastic.