Trip Report

Monday 20th October 2003  - Eve of my flight

Monday 20th October 2003

I got up at 6am and started to get ready to get to Heathrow by 9-ish am as I wanted to see the 10am Concorde take off.

At 7am I logged to ConcordeSST to see what was going on and I checked my  e-mails, Sparky  sent me an e-mail, and over the next 50 minutes we both chatted (via e-mail) about my Concorde flight and about other things. I was still worried about mum as I really wanted her to see my take off, I needed some one to take her to end of the runway and bring her back to Hatton Cross after I took off.

Sparky said


Jet log on to British Airway’s website and book what meal you wanted on your flight.

Sparky also sent me the following e-mails concerning my meal


I’d never done this before so I didn’t know what to do  ……… I wasn’t that worried about this as I’d got my Concorde ticket and I would have been happy to carry a few Mars Bars or a Yorkie bar and munch that on my flight, I wasn’t worried about food or drink as it was only a 3 ½ hour flight ….. so I could easily do with out food for 3 ½ hours.

But I logged on to British Airway’s website  typed my flight details in and chose a vegetarian meal.

I came to Heathrow to watch the 10am Concorde take off for Birmingham and to have an interview with Zeetv.


The 10am Concorde was scheduled to take off on runway 27L but at the last minute Sparky phoned me on my mobile and urgently said


       Jet the wind direction’s suddenly changed she’s now taking off on 09R.

Where are you,  I’ll come and pick you up.

I replied


I’m near Heathrow visitor centre and I’m being interviewed by Zeetv, but don’t worry I can finish the interview off later on but I want to see the 10am Concorde.

I’ll see you in the Heathrow visitor centre car park.

Sparky drove his car to where I was standing, I apologised to Zeetv but I had to see the 10am Concorde so I got in to Sparky’s car.

Sparky drove down to Hatton Cross to watch her take off, we all got out of the car and waited for her, we also looked for Heathrow Police that was such a laugh.

As soon as the 10am Concorde flew past us we all melted in to the background, Sparky went back to work and I went to the Green Man pub to meet Jez and a few others in the morning then I had interview with BBC Breakfast time

BBC TV crew filming and interviewing me for BBC Breakfast Time.

Out side The Green Man Pub 11am - 20 October 2003

After their interview I continued the interview with Zeetv (Asian version of CNN)….The interview over ran by 30 minutes…..When it over ran I asked Zeetv to cut short the interview as I was late for another meeting at Heathrow, Zeetv where not to happy with that but I didn’t want to miss out on the other meeting.

I felt a shamed and sad for not giving Zeetv enough time for the interview but so many things where happening so fast at the same time and on the same day that I didn’t have time to hardly do anything..... It was crazy, hectic, exciting and I loved all this lack of time and hectic pace.