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From: Jetinder Sira

Sent: 17 October 2003 20:30
To: Andrew Winstanley
Subject: Re: Filming

Hi Andrew

Thanks for video-ing the tips.

I saw your report on BBC London's website well done for flying on her :-)

I have a few questions, how many video tapes can I use on the flight ?

Will I get any copies to keep ?

When we first chatted on the phone you asked me about what I do for a job etc.

Due the current global economic climate countless firms in London have had recruitment freezes and some have laid off staff like HSBC, JP Morgan, Natwest etc etc, since May 2001 I have been unable to get any permanent or long term contract work. At the moment I am in between full time jobs and I am actively looking for work.

Since May 2001 I haven't been out of work for 2 1/2 full years because I do temp work for Legal & General and EDS in their Computer Operations depts. Over the last 2 1/2 years if you add up all the time I have worked for them it works out to be around 6-7 months but the work is random as I cant tell when they will call me. One month they could call me in for 2 weeks. But I may not be called again for another 2 - 3 months you just cant tell but its better than nothing

Apart from going to Heathrow to see Concorde since May 2001 I have been sending countless e-mails/faxes on spec letting the job agencies and companies know that I am still looking and I also reply to countless job adverts for any suitable jobs I see.

I spend hours and hours just looking for work on the internet, I look for jobs in newspapers inc .I.T. newspapers, every day I call firms up off my own back, I apply for any suitable jobs I see some times I even walk round the City dressed in my work clothes (shirt and tie) walking round to firms asking for work, so I am doing all I possibly can to get work.

As yet I have not had any good luck or success in getting back in to regular work.

The money I earn from my temp work pays for my trips to Heathrow to see her (Concorde).

However I still need a more regular job and I am looking for full time .I.T. work.

Kind Regards