Trip Report

At Heathrow I saw the 5.30pm Concorde landing from the 09L (West) side of the north runway, while I was there I met Bentlyboy and we a lovely chat, there where also a few people standing next to me watching her land.

As Concorde (G-BOAC) came in to land a middle aged woman (standing near me) started jumping and cheering very loudly..... It was amazing seeing Concorde land and also hearing a middle aged woman behave like a 15 year old screaming over pop star as she never looked the type to behave like that, she looked more like prim and proper posh lady.  This showed the appeal  and charisma of Concorde.

After Concorde landed I walked back towards the eastern end of the North runway (27R side) as I knew the 7pm Concorde was going to take off over that part of the runway.....When I got there I saw huge crowds (of all ages and colours) gathered around the end of the runway waiting to see Concorde take off.....

The atmosphere around there was just electric, it was very exciting....Heathrow police come over but they where there make sure people where safe.

10 mins later I felt the earth shake under me and heard a loud jet engine noise in the distance getting louder and louder.....I knew this was Concorde :-)

Hearing the noise of her engines and seeing fire come out of them as she rapidly zoomed high in to the black Heathrow sky was a spectacular sight.....You didn’t have to fly on Concorde to enjoy her.

It was a brilliant take off...It was to dark for the EOS 3 to “see” Concorde and take photos so I just stood there and enjoyed watching her take off :-)

After the take off I walked back to Hatton Cross tube station on my way there at around 8pm I met Mrs Sparky, Sparky, Granny Sparky, all the mini Sparkys (Sparky’s daughters) and Captain Speaking outside the Concorde crossing gates on East Church road.

It was great to see them all,  Mrs Sparky, Granny Sparky, mini Sparkys and Captain Speaking wished me all the best for my flight, when they said this I felt like I was an Apollo 11 Astronaut seeing my close friends a few days before my big flight, only thing was I didn’t have pretty girl friend or wife wishing me good luck, but I had my close friends wishing me good luck and this was a warm and lovely feeling :-)

Rocket class seat

Since I got my ticket Mrs Sparky knew I wanted to get a window seat, she worked extremely hard and did her  very  best to get me one.

Excitedly Mrs Sparky happily said


Jet I’ve finally got you seat 26D.

Mid Oct 2003 – The Press

Saturday 18 October 2003

I got up at 9am and I was as ever getting ready to chase Concorde at Heathrow but some one on Concorde SST started the following thread about the media coverage I was getting


Above is map of Concorde and seat 26D

Seat 26D was the last seat at the back of Concorde next to the right hand side engines and in a place called “Rocket class“ this was the best seat on the plane as I was told you could really hear and  “ feel “ Concorde.

When Mrs Sparky told me I’d got this seat I jumped for joy, I said


Yipeeeeeeee, yahooooo I’ve got a “Rocket class“ seat ………

I’ve got a “Rocket class“ seat.

I hugged and thanked Mrs Sparky for doing that for me.