Jetinder                   Member Posts: 672 (15/10/03 6:22 am) Reply | Edit Re: Get ready, Jet! Paul r and Anthill Mob  Thanks for your kind thoughts :)  You can get the CD from Sparky.  Phoenix  Wow grate photos :)  Edited by: Jetinder at: 15/10/03 6:24 am Just one word:  ENJOY!! paulo Unregistered User (15/10/03 11:38 pm) Reply Sparky... bring CDs to the 24th if you can. I'll take one off your hands. And a few others will I'd guess :) Sparky..... Hi Paul - cant do that I'm afraid as we'll be producing it after the day to ensure we get some 24th content.  However, I'll be bringing a VERY large order pad.:hat