Trip Report

15th October 2003 - Ryan Air flight

Wednesday 15 Oct 2003

Today I had my first ever flight on a plane, I had fun on that flight. It was a good warm feeling knowing that Jez and Sparky cared enough about me to send me on that Ryan Air flight, I felt happy and safe.

I logged on to Concorde SST to see what was going on, people had sent me congratulation messages in my :-  huge thread

In America the manager of the Sheraton hotel found 2 spare rooms, booked them in mine and Sparky’s names took the money from WesternDH’s credit card and e-mailed WesternDH to confirm all this had been done.

WesternDH forwarded this message on to me and Sparky’s relevant e-mail addresses together with the Sheraton hotel’s website

When I read WesternDH’s e-mail I was first very grateful for all his help and e-mailed him to say thank you, when I saw the hotel website I thought


    Wow now that’s what I call a posh hotel

and I was looking forward to staying there.

WesternDH and Sparky also heard roomers that CBS News where planning to possibly interview me when I got to New York, but no one was 100% sure if this was going to happen.

In London heard roomers that Captain Black was going to have words with my pilots and crew about me being on the flight, I wasn’t 100% sure about if these roomers where true. If Captain Black did have words with my pilots and crew he would asked them to make sure I was ok and safe on my flight.

While I was chasing Concorde around Heathrow or on the train to Heathrow  strangers who saw me on TV some times came up to me and talked me like they knew me (coz they’d seen me on TV) this was a strange but very nice feeling as I felt good that people who never knew me took the time and came to speak to me, it felt really nice.

Now as we neared the day of my flight every thing was steadily fitting together like pieces in a jig saw puzzle and  every thing felt like it was getting faster and faster.  

I surfed this wave of joy and I felt very very happy by it all, but I was also humble as I knew that with out the help of many people none of this would have ever happened, I knew that countless people had put a great deal of time and effort in making this happen for me and I was truly grateful to them for this.

----- Original Message -----

From: WesternDH

To: Sparky; Jetinder sira

Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 2:32 PM

Subject: Hotel confirmation

Hi Sparky

Here's your room confirmations. The address is below (811 7th Ave) and a

map link follows:

Sheraton Hotel & Towers, New York

Can you let me know exactly what CBS are planning to do.