Trip Report

14 Oct 2003 - 20th Oct 2003

Tuesday 14 Oct 2003

Heathrow Police - clamping cars.

After Concorde took off I looked around and couldn’t see Katie, I was genuinely worried about her. I thought


           Where is she, is she ok,  have Heathrow Police taken her away as well in their Ploddy

           wagons for no valid reason ?  

As I walked back to Hatton Cross to my relief I saw her sitting in her friend’s car, I ran over to see how she was, she wound down the glass on her door window I asked Kate


Are you ok ? ……. I am really sorry that this happened.

Wiping back the tears Kate replied


I’m ok but still unhappy at the attitude of Heathrow Police.

I’ll let my dad know that you met me, after your flight you should tell him that you met his daughter and mention my name other wise he wont believe you met me.

While I understood why Heathrow Police acted the way they did (to keep the traffic moving and keep cars off the foot paths), they could have done it in a better and more “human” way ....... But nope Heathrow Police went in there head first and heavy handed, they didn’t care what happened as they are “The Police” and we are just scum and then the Police wonder why the public don’t trust them.........

I felt very unhappy and totally powerless for her car being towed away by Heathrow Police, I felt upset at Police for making her cry like this, I wish I could have helped her but I couldn’t help her any more than comforting her as I ain’t in a position of “power “.

I said


Kate I’ve got go as 5.30pm Concorde will be landing soon.

Kate replied


   Ok bye.

I shook her hand and I walked off towards the end of runway 27R to get the 5.30pm Concorde landing.

Later on I saw the 5.30pm landing and I saw the 7pm BA001 Concorde take off for New York, when I got home I  found I got an e-mail from Cheyne he said



               ----- Original Message -----

From: Cheyne

To: Jetinder Sira

Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 11:41 AM

Subject: Re: He flies again

Wow, that's real cool.

I've just a quick look at that Concorde website and might post in the forum if I knew anything to write except Concorde flies damn fast :-)

God, you must be really buzzing - you've got some really top flights coming up.

I guess it's the equivalent of Jim'll Fix It for adults, huh?

Now, I wonder if someone will fix it for me to play for England one day.

Don't feel guilty about getting a ticket - you make ya own luck in this world, mate.

It's a pity you couldn't find out which recruitment agents are devout plane spotters and tell 'em your news - but then, that would be kinda cruel too.

Well, keep in touch son.