Trip Report

14 Oct 2003 - 20th Oct 2003

Between  14-20 October 2003 Emma Bunting’s song - may be –, Justin Timberlake’s song - Rock ya body - Kylie Minouge’s - After Dark –  and Lemar’s song - Dance (With U) - where playing regularly on Capital Radio and on BBC1’s Top of  the pops.

Despite me getting my dream flight I continued to come to Heathrow to see and take photos of Concorde……my EOS 3 has a motor winder which means it doesn't use normal camera batteries….. It uses standard 8 AA Alkaline batteries which are also used in Sony walkmans etc.

   8 AA batteries used by my EOS 3 camera

Normally one set of  8 AA batteries last around 1 year but from May - October 2003 I use to get through 2 sets (16 batteries) a month as the EOS 3 was set up to take 6 pictures per second + auto focus at the same time.

Depending on weather and types of pictures I wanted to take I used either 24 or 36 exposure ASA/400 film……Some times I used ASA/200 film (for  non  flying  photos)…..I  often  got through  1 x ASA/400 24 exposure film in 4 seconds and 1 ASA/400 36 exposure film in 6 seconds. 

After the BBC Inside out program about me was  shown on TV the BBC gave me my own web page