Trip Report

Left to right WesternDH, Me, Ray Hough, Gordon,

Tridentman, Declan, Mrs WesternDH,

Sparky  and Pat Nugent

13 Oct 2003 – Jet on TV

Monday 13 Oct 2003

After I took photos of the 5.30pm Concorde landing I slowly walked back to The Green Man pub, when I got there I saw Sparky, Mrs Sparky, Peergint, Trident and many many others I also  finally had a chance to have a long chat with WesternDH and Mrs WesternDH when I saw them I was really happy to meet them.

WesternDH is English but his accent is a mix of English and American, Mrs WesternDH is American,  they are both warm genuine and very nice people I loved their company and although I had not known then for so long, I felt I’d known them forever …… I can’t explain why I had this feeling I just had this feeling.

At 6.50pm Ray came specially to the Green Man pub to be with us while his program Inside Out was shown on BBC TV, it was great to see Ray but I was still very very nervous about seeing my self on TV.

Before the program was broadcast one of my friends (Mark from the USA) flew out on the 7pm Concorde, out side the Green man pub I set my tripod and camera to try and take a photo of him flying by but by the time his Concorde took off it was pitch black and the camera could not “ see “ his plane, it only saw 4 small white dots (afterburners) in the sky …………… doh.

Mark’s 7pm Concorde taking off as “ seen “ by the EOS 3 at 1/250th second.

After Mark’s Concorde vanished in to the distance we all went back in to the pub, went over to the 21 inch TV turned it on and waited for the program to be broadcast, 7.30pm came and I became very very nervous, embarrast and edgy.

Every one in the pub went quite and you could hear a pin drop, we all watched the program when I came on to the program the whole pub erupted and shouted Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh with happiness.