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From:  Andrew Winstanley

To:  Jetinder Sira

Subject:  Filming

Date:  Mon, 6 Oct 2003 16:36:07 +0100


As discussed, here's a few points to remember.

1. Leave the camera on automatic (slide button at front). This will take care of focus, everything.

2. To record, put control switches on rear to 'camera' and 'standby'. Press red button to begin recording. You'll know you're recording when the REC logo comes up in the viewfinder.


* Shoot in ten second sequences, and don't move focus (i.e zoom) when you're getting a shot.

*Get both wide shots, and plenty of close-ups. The reason for this is when we cut the picture we can't cut from a wide to a wide generally as it looks odd, so we need the close-ups the bridge the gaps.

*When getting the shots it's best if you can rest the camera on something so the shots are steadier.

*Try to get other passengers or stewardesses to film you in your seat or walking down cabin, as this will give us a good variety. If they let you in the pilot's cabin please get someone to film abit of this, as well as filming yourself.

*Good things to film will be perhaps the take-off + shots out of the window, Stewardesses serving drinks and food, the Mach Counter. If there are any famous folk on board perhaps you could film them with their permission.

*Do plenty of Pieces to Camera - where you're telling us how you're feeling about being on board - perhaps you could do them before and after take-off, and when you reach Mach 2. You can also narrate over shots of things you find interesting. N.B Remember you don't have to narrate over every shot, as it's good to just use natural sound as well.

*We'll show you how to change batteries, but there's an obvious release and the batteries just slide in.

*The viewfinder will show you how much is left on the tapes. I imagine you may shoot an hour or so's material.

Any questions, just call me on the numbers below - the mobile's best.

Good luck, and enjoy the flight.

Best regards

Andrew Winstanley

BBC London

Transport Correspondent

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