Trip Report

Chasing Concorde after getting my ticket

Chasing Concorde

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Hi John

Thanks for your kind thoughts :-)

I don't know where I will be staying, Sparky has all the info.

I have never been to NY and wished I could stay longer but she is being
retired on the 24th so I want to get back to LHR on 22nd and take more
photo's of the last 2-3 days of her life.

I want to enjoy the trip, the last few days have been hectic, I am literally
exhausted and a bit achy with flu. after Friday I had 2 interviews with BBC TV crews about all this, then I had to reply to countless people who sent good luck messages to me, I still aint finished

The BBC also want me to video the flight  , so I can borrow a BBC camera.

I think when I get to JFK there might be a NY news crew there as well.
I cant believe how so many people picked up on this, I aint a superstar I
am just me.

Next week Sparky is sending me to Scotland for a day trip on a 737 as I have never flown on a plane in my entire adult life, he will pay for it from his own pocket as he wants me to compare a 737  v Concorde.

I hope we can all meet on the 24th.

I enclose some pics I took of her.

All the best


Excutive Club card

My friends on Concorde SST advised me to get a British Airways “Executive“ club card, so I logged on to British Airways website and applied for a blue British Airways “Executive“ club card…..I didn’t feel like an executive but my friends said because I was flying on Concorde I should get it as I would get  “ free “ air miles......

A few days later I got the club card


My British Airways Executive card. Note yellow bit is where my

card number was but I deleted it for security reasons.

When I got the card for the first time in my life I felt “important“, I felt like I was a “some body “, I felt like I was a “man of  power“, like the “big boss“ as I had an “ Executive“ club card with my name on it and I felt only important “men in power“ get these “Executive“ club cards.

I registered it on British Airways website and thought I was going to “automatically “ get my free air miles as I was flying on “ Concorde“ and not an “ordinary “ plane.

In October 2003 the .I.T. job’s market was as bad ever after continuously job hunting for 2 ½ years and getting countless and continuous knock backs for every single suitable job applied for I was getting extremely stressed out by all this and I felt I needed to take a brake to get away from all this endless stress and torment.

After I got my Concorde ticket I decided to stop job hunting for the remainder of October 2003….. concentrate on taking good photos of Concorde’s last days and I enjoy my good luck and happiness of getting my Concorde ticket.

Although I wasn’t going to job hunt for the rest of October part of me was still hurting inside because I didn’t have a permanent or regular contract work so I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes and new socks for my flight….. I couldn’t stand on my own two feet and I couldn’t afford to buy a camcorder to record the last weeks of Concorde’s at Heathrow….. I couldn’t afford to buy a camcorder to record my flight that hurt a lot but I was doing all I possibly could to look for work…..I couldn’t do any more than what I was already doing …….

I asked a few places if they still rented out camcorders but none did…..most laughed at me when I asked that question like it was a stupid question but for me spending £200 or more on buying a camcorder was still some thing I couldn’t afford and was some thing which was way out of reach..... I thought about asking my friends and family but apart from my Concorde friends no one I knew had a was a huge disappointment as I could have got very good video of Concorde taking off in darkness with afterburners.

Sunday 5 October 2003

I went to Heathrow Airport and as usual chased Concorde round Heathrow, while I was doing this I was pleasantly surprised Heathrow police and Heathrow security had backed  off  and  left  me  alone  to  see Concorde (in a legal and public place) this was a relief.

After I saw the 7pm take off I met Jez, it was great to see him, Jez was very happy for me getting the ticket, as we walked back to The Green man pub we talked about various things which friends talk about.

When we got to the Green man we sat down, I got a ½ a pint of cool mineral water with Ice and  Jez got a pint of larger as we sat talking about things Jez asked me


Jet have you ever flown ?

I replied


No I haven’t, Concorde will be my first ever flight.

Jez was worried that I couldn’t appreciate the experience of taking off and flying on Concorde as much as some one else who had flown on subsonic planes like Boeing 747, 737, Airbus A340 etc and had then flown on Concorde could appreciate what Concorde was.