Trip Report

Chasing Concorde after getting my ticket

At home

Mum was very very very happy for me….. she was very proud of me being filmed by two  “BBC“ camera crews (as she never thought this would happen to me)…… She was extremely proud of me getting the ticket as she knew how much I loved Concorde as she knew how much I chased Concorde around Heathrow all my life and in her heart she knew how much getting this ticket really meant to me.

She was also very very happy that I had such good friends like Sparky, WesternDH, Peer, Jez, Rachel etc, etc, who out of their hearts got me my dream ticket.

When things calmed down I had dinner, watched a bit of TV during this time mum asked me how the rest of the day was and did I see Concorde etc….I told her as much as could and she was extremely happy for me.

Before I went to bed I went to Concorde SST to see what was going on, more people had sent me congratulation messages on my thread :-

Before I went to bed I put my Concorde ticket in to my PC’s scanner and scanned the ticket in at the scanner’s highest resolution (1200dpi), I did the same for every thing else which came with the ticket….. I did this because I wanted to preserve that ticket forever and what could be better than scanning it in to my PC at the highest resolution and digitally saving it on to CD forever.

Although I’d got my dream ticket, although that ticket was now in my hand I still loved Concorde as much now as I ever did.

Chasing Concorde

For the next 4-5 weeks although I had my Concorde ticket I continued to come to Heathrow as much as I could to chase Concorde and to take photos of her because I knew that after 24 October 2003 I’d never see her flying with normal fair paying passengers.

I knew after 26 November 2003 I’d never see her fly again......But now I still had a chance to see her flying so I had to go and see her as much as I could (as this was a once in a life time thing).... Subconsciously my mind was counting down the days to her permanent and premature grounding.

Apart from chasing Concorde around Heathrow 4-5 times a week, every single week I also go the chance to meet my close friends Peer, Sparky and others which felt brilliant as those guys where warm and caring people….. Like me they had an energy and a love for Concorde which none else had so it was great to see them all and I looked forward to seeing them but when I saw Concorde…..I chased her as Concorde took number 1 priority over every thing else.

At the time mum and I didn’t tell any one else in the family…..I didn’t tell any of my friends outside ConcordeSST about me getting the ticket and me being filmed by the BBC,  as the BBC had sworn me to secrecy and said


Any one who doesn’t know about the 3rd October 2003 isn’t allowed to know until a few days before your program will be broadcast on BBC TV.

so I stuck by what they said.

I got an e-mail from Drstrangelove (one of my friends from Concorde SST) this was the first of many e-mails from Friends on Concordesst congratulation to me  for getting my flight, here’s the conversation we both had via e-mail