Trip Report

4th Oct 2003 – 13th Oct 2003

BBC wanted to film me

When Ray was happy with the footage we saw Sparky, Tridentman, Lara, Rainbow, Declan, Peer and Gordon.

Sumit asked


How do you all feel about  Concorde ?

How will you feel on the last day and what will you do after that ?

Left to Right Gordon, Declan, Rainbow and Sparky being

Filmed by and interviewed by Ray.

Sparky replied


Its gonna be a very emotional day for a lot of people.….. and errrr ….. we’re all gonna be here.

We’re all gonna party …. but errr  I  think  they’ll  be  a  lot  of depression there after and errr really no reason to come and watch again.

Because I’d been filmed earlier I didn’t want to take the lime light so I stood behind Ray while he filmed every one else.

Lara was standing next to me I said


Lara you should be on TV with Sparky and the others.

But Lara was shy and replied


My hair doesn’t look right so I don’t want be on TV with the others while they are being filmed for TV.

This made me laugh and I thought :- Yep that’s very “girly“ thing  for Lara to say.

When the filming was over we all got our cameras out and waited for Concorde to take off.

While we where doing this Ray was doing more filming at Esso garage interviewing more people for his program to get different view points.

A guy came up to Ray with his kid and said


Why are you filming these “ geeks “ and “ anoraks “, don’t you want to film my son

and turn him in to a “ star “ …….  ?

Ray politely replied


No I’m here to film Concorde and the people who love her,  I’m not filming you as you don’t relate to Concorde.

This guy got grumpy and walked a way with his son, When Ray told me this that made me laugh as this guy was with all of us “Concorde geeks“ while we waited for Concorde to take off so he was also a “geek “ and an “anorak“ like he described all of us, that was very funny.

Ray Hough, Sumit Bose and his BBC crew are genuinely nice, warm and caring people, they all made feel very relaxed and ease and I regard Ray and Sumit as one of my friends……Ray’s crew where the nicest and most professional people I’ve met, they knew their stuff and where good at their jobs.

After the filming was done Ray gave me back my bag full of Concorde photos which weighted nearly a ton.

I said


There is no way I can carry that lot home on the tube can you get me a taxi home ?

Ray understood and happily replied


No problem where do you want the taxi to pick you up from ?

Sparky and others said


Were going to The Green Man pub.

I said to Ray


Can you send the taxi over to The Green man ?

Ray replied


Leave it with me, I’ll give your mobile phone number to the taxi and as soon as he gets to the pub he’ll call you.

I thanked Ray for doing this and said good bye.

When filming for Inside Out finally stopped, when I knew this I felt sad that it was all over and that I would never see Ray or his tv crew again  as I was going miss them, I was going to miss Ray as he became one of my friends.