Trip Report

Above shows the rough take off run of  today's Concorde.  I am out of the picture but was standing (on a public road) on the bottom  far right  hand side of  Concorde's  runway  close to Hatton Cross tube station

4th Oct 2003 – 13th Oct 2003

Done a runner

With a heavy heart I walked back to Hatton Cross and tried to get a H30 bus to the Esso Petrol station but while I waited for the bus I heard the distinct sound of the 7pm Concorde’s engines and saw her tail moving from Terminal 4 to the end of runway 27L and knew it was to late to get to the Esso Petrol station in time to see her take off.

I really really really wanted to be at the Esso Petrol station, I tried my best to make the journey but even if I could have some how got a lift, it still would have been to late as it takes Concorde 30 seconds to take off…..the journey by car would have taken 10-15 mins but by bus it would have taken 20 mins + 15 min walk from the bus stop to the Esso petrol station  + another 10 mins walking round to get a good spot........

Faced with this there simply would not have been enough time to do the above and  take photos of her taking off.

If my friends and the BBC had phoned me to let me know what was going on, if they could have may be picked me up and given me lift to with them to Esso Petrol station then I could have got the photos I wanted but the people who I had trusted suddenly deserted me, left me in the lurch and let me down........ this hurt a huge lot and I was depressed and down about it................

But I pulled my self back together and made the best out of a bad situation. I got my trusty  EOS 3, walked to the end of runway 27L (Hatton Cross side of the South runway) and took photos of her taking off from the back.

The sunset and take off where perfect but photos where not very good (as I wanted to get the take off from the front of it),  but i wasn’t at the Esso side of runway 27L so couldn't do that. While taking the photos I felt sad and gutted about missing some brilliant photo opportunities (as I knew this was one less Concorde flight I could  have got a good photos of from the front, if that is I had been in the right place).