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(3/10/03 10:31 pm)
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New PostHuge thank you :)

I would just like to say the biggest



To EVERY single person on here and to EVERY single person who has have helped me full fill my life long dream of flying on Concorde.

I really really really appreciate ALL the support you have given me in full filling my dream.

Today when Sparky and Roy phoned me I thought I was just going to meet them have a chat about Concorde and see the old girl take off at 6:50-ish pm.

But when I finally got to the Esso garage and I saw film crews, I saw all my friends from Concorde SST I didn’t know what was going on. I thought they where there to film Concorde taking off.

When Sparky presented me with the ticket for Concorde I thought hold on a second this cant be happening to me, this is not real. I am just a normal guy from Romford who loves to see Concorde as much as he can, I aint anything special, so this cant be happening to me.

I didn’t believe what was going on as NO one has ever done any thing as nice for me.

It still hasn’t sunk in, I still don’t believe that I will actually fly on her, I still don’t believe that after 27 years of watching her from age 6 to age 34, taking countless photos of her. Feeling gutted when I missed her landing or taking off. Dreaming about saving up enough money to fly on her, trying with Peer and the others to save her from Airbus (spit spit) that I now will actually get to fly on her. I still don’t believe it, I feel numb.

I don’t want any one to think that I am arrogant or big headed as I aint.

This dream would not be happening if it wasn’t for all of you helping, you all made it happen and I am with all my heart and soul truly grateful to you ALL for making this happen.

At Heathrow we just saw Concorde landing at 7:45pm after that I called my mum and told her about the ticket she was over the moon for me she was very very happy that I will get to fly on her.

My dad died in December 1997 he knew how much I really I loved Concorde as he took me to Heathrow to see her countless times until I reached teenage years then I came here on my own. Dad never got to see me flying on her but where ever dad is I hope he is watching me full fill my dream of flying safely at Mach 2 on Concorde to NY and coming back safely home to LHR on Porky pig (747)

Rachel I offer you my special thanks as you have donated £1000 to help my dream happen here is a big HUG from me to you.

Sparky and Mrs Sparky, Captain Black, WesternDH and Ranger you have all worked extremely hard, put in a huge amount of time and effort in making this happen for me.

Thank you to you all for doing that for me

Gordon thank you for allowing this to happen on your website

I have only known people from this website this summer but I feel like I have known you all my life as you are all VERY nice, warm, genuine and friendly people. If there was no Concorde trip I still would have regarded you all as my friends and I still regard you now as my friends.

Peer, Sparky etc I wish you was all coming with me. Peer you also deserve to fly on her as you all put in some much time and effort in writing to countless firms and people to save her.

Rod Eddington CEO of BA, ALL Concorde pilots etc and to the Concorde ground crews thank you for allowing me to fly on her and to full fill my dream.

You guys kept this baby flying at Mach 2 for 27 years and EVERY time she takes off or lands she make the earth move corrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wow what a gal, what a gal

I know you guys at BA are hurting as much as we all our to see her " retired " due Airbus's CEO being a real pain in the kiver pass cockney slang for A**.

We can ALL still save her as we still have 1 year before she stops working so don’t give up hope, we will try to get this baby back at Mach 2.

My 35th birthday is on 28 Oct 2003, this flight is the BEST birthday present I have ever got.

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am gonna be flying on Concorde.

You have all believed in me and put your trust in me. I will NOT let any of you down, I give my word and my word IS my bond.

Lots of hugs and many many thanks to you all

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New PostRe: Huge thank you :)

You make sure a picture of you next to the mach meter shows up on this forum, y'hear?


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New PostRe: Huge thank you :)

I happy that this website could help your dream come true.



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New PostSo when's the big day?

Which day are you booked to fly?

You'll have to get someone to take the photos that day as you'll be otherwise engaged!

The memories will last you the rest of your life. Enjoy!

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New PostRe: Huge thank you :)

Jet - I'm filling up reading your post!!

You are going to have the time of your life - I just hope you don't faint as you board her!! :eek
I remember when you first appeared here in the forum, and made quite an impact. It is just fantastic to have seen what has happened here. When I first saw the Get Jetinder on Board thread - I thought "never gonna happen".

How wrong I was.

I can't wait to get the CD and see your trip photos, and all the others of the great bird. I'm coming to LHR to see Concorde fly for the first time in my life tomorrow (well, apart from the one time I was lucky enough to be on-board at the time!!). I hope I bump in to you.

Cheers, Stephen. Edited by: StephenD  at: 3/10/03 11:10 pm


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over on this thread


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New PostMach 2 Jet


Hope you have a fantastic time on the great white lady before she *retires* - I'm sure it will be an unforgettable experience!

Look forward to your trip report

ps Hope you Mum was sitting down when you phoned her!


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New PostRe: Huge thank you :)


I’m really truly chuffed to bits for you, have a wicked flight

don't spend all your time taking photos and make sure you do a trip report.



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New PostRe: Huge thank you :)

Jetinder, you really deserve this. You are such a generous guy, you share all your photos and tips on spotting Concorde. I have one of the pictures that you sent me of my flight as a screen saver on my computer, so every time I see it I think of the wonderful time I had. Many thanks.

I hope that you have a fantastic time and the memories will last for ever (same goes for the Concorde grin).

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New PostRe: Mach 2 Jet

Hi Stephen D and every one thanks for you kind words, I am on cloud 9 now and I hope this happiness stays with me for a long time.

I will be at LHR tomorrow, Sunday and most days next week and the week after to see her as I still want to get a lot of landing photos of her.

If the wind is W, NW etc she will land on 27R, I’ll be there near the fence.

As for the Concorde flight I will take as many photos as I can of the flight including one

with me next to Mach 2 sign. But now I need to plan what other photos I want to take as I will never get this chance again so I want to enjoy flying at Mach 2.

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New PostHuge thank you

Jet, I am so chuffed for you X 60,000!

You so deserve this chance, and I consider it an honour to have been able to help such a decent, honest bloke and top Conc. man. I am tempted to ask which seat you have, but I've a sneaky feeling at some point you'll be on the flight deck

I'm still on a high after 10 weeks - it's simply the best!




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New PostWhat a day!

Hi guys

Wow - so good to see this finally come to fruition!

It was a logistical nightmare, and I hope we didn't leave anyone hanging around in the wrong place! I apologize if I didn't get to chat with everyone much - I guess I was as shell-shocked as Jetinder. Didn't even have the words to say to him as I handed over the ticket. Think I said "we did it Jet - here's your ticket". Not very imaginative!

I wish everyone could have been there - it was a magical moment, never to be forgotten.

Thanks to everybody who helped this to happen - it just shows what we can achieve when we pull together!

And a very nice bit of R&R in the Green Man too - with Mike, Derek, Debbie, Gordon, Neil, Jez and, of course, Mrs. Sparky!

A stupendous evening. I'll sleep like a baby tonight!

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New PostRe:Huge thank you

I really hope you enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

I cannot wait to receive my CD and enjoy my trip on Concorde through your pictures.

Good luck and have a great time flying at mach 2.

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New Postdream

I am so happy for ya!!!! your getting your dream!!!
ok this proves the world still has some really great people in it!!!
its amazing
my best to all

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New PostRe: dream

It never even occurred to me to take me camera out of the car! Any pics or videos gratefully received...

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New PostYou are so welcome!

Happy for you Jetinder! Enjoy every second of your flight I am eagerly awaiting the CD to see the pictures of your trip!

( was not really as much as that...the $ is worth less than the pound!)

Ride that rocket, boy!!!!!!