Trip Report

The note which Ray wrote to my boss

Ray also saw the manager,  told him what happened,  the manager looked at the note and  

said :-

I’m ok with that.

I went straight to work but I was higher and happier than cloud 9, while I was working I slowly got over the initial shock of getting my ticket and started to become happier and happier but it was still hard to take in what really had happened to me……during my shift I realised that in 3 weeks time I’d actually be flying on Concorde ………

I’d actually be flying on Concorde at mach 2 and living my life long dream this was slowly sinking in but it was just mind blowing stuff.

3 Oct 2003 – My ticket of happiness

Cried with happiness

On my way to the temp job I was sitting in the back of Ray’s car my eyes started to feel very sore and the next second I knew I had tears running down my face like water bursting from a dam, I silently cried in the back of Ray’s car.

I cried because I never thought I was ever going to get the ticket, I never thought that I was going to fly on her let alone have 2 BBC TV crews wanting to interview me but after 27 years of chasing her….. of dreaming about her….. of taking countless photos of her….. of having Heathrow Police harassing me and bullying me for nothing while I was chasing Concorde my boy hood dream to fly on Concorde was finally becoming “ real ”.

While I silently cried I also thought about my father (who died on 23rd December 1997 of cancer), I missed my father a lot…… I wanted mum and dad to be here to see this wonderful thing happening to me….. I wanted mum and dad to be hear to see this happy moment….. but dad wasn’t alive to see this happening instead he’s been living in god’s house for 6 years and this hurt a lot and mum was at home……

I also thought about how much I loved my ex girl friend (who I still love dearly) wasn’t hear to share this moment of happiness…… I thought about how every one on ConcordeSST had made my dream real through their huge efforts to make it happen.

I also cried because for the last 2 1/2 years I had been going through pure and utter hell with job hunting as most .I.T. job agencies and some Personnel Officers/managers of firms around London had been extremely cold, vile  and nasty to me by giving me one of the following excuses and fibs

To name just a few fibs and excuses because of these excuses they never offered me any .I.T. work for which I clearly had the skills and experience for.

When this happened I felt utterly helpless…..I felt extremely unhappy and lower than a piece of dirt but I had not done anything bad to be treated this badly by most of them as I had good experience and 1st class references.

But when I got my Concorde ticket all that unhappiness…… all that torment and misery of not having an .I.T. job was erased with some thing so wonderful and so happy that it completely overloaded my senses and I couldn’t handle what was going on……

Getting the Concorde ticket was like a bolt out of the blue…..I never ever expected this happen and my heart couldn’t contain the happiness and I cried…… My tears where not of unhappiness my tears where of utter happiness and joy as no one had ever done anything so nice and so wonderful for me.

Now I understand why people cry at weddings or other happy times, its not because they are unhappy its because they are extremely happy and their emotions take over their body if that makes any sense.

I got to work 30 minutes late as we got lost around Heathrow trying to find the place, I was worried about what the manager was going to say so Ray wrote a note