Trip Report

Me phoning mum to tell her about my ticket

Didn’t want to go to work

I looked my watch and realised that I had to go and do some temp work, I didn’t want to go but I had to.

Before I went to work every one was saying


Why can’t you come down The pub to celebrate your good luck of getting the Concorde ticket and forget about the job, throw a sickie, bunk off work.

This of all nights you should be celebrating and enjoying your self you shouldn’t be working.

I understood what they all meant.

I replied


I would love to come but I cant do that as earlier on in the week I promised a job agency that on 3 October 2003 I will do some temp work for them, I gave the job agency my word and my word was my bond.

       I can’t brake my word, I cant let the job agency down so I have no choice but

       to go to work.

I really really wanted to stay and celebrate my good luck but I couldn’t, I felt sad about this, I felt sad about letting my friends down but I had no choice I told the job agency I was going to do some temp work and no matter what happened I had to do that work.

I gave my ticket back to Sparky for safe keeping (as I didn’t trust my self with it because I was still shell shocked by it all) I said good bye to every one and Ray Hough gave me a lift to where I was working for the night.

3 Oct 2003 – My ticket of happiness

Need to phone mum at home

Mike’s phone wasn’t a normal phone as normal phones look like this


                Normal mobile phones.                                Mike’s phone looked like this.

I was very impressed and thought corrrrrr now that’s what I call a phone, Mike dialled the number and I spoke to mum, I said


Mum I’ve got a Concorde ticket, I’ve got the Concorde ticket

At first she didn’t believe I got the ticket and replied


Yeah yeah ….. when you are coming home for your dinner.

She thought it was a winded up but I said


Mum it isn’t a wined up ……… I have really got a Concorde ticket.

Sparky and my friends some how raised money for my flight by selling my Concorde pictures over the internet on a CD and I’ve got the Concorde ticket.

When it finally sunk in that it was real, in a very warm and extremely happy cheery voice Mum replied


Good luck, good luck, good luck,  I am very happy for you.

If your dad was here he would be very happy for you as well.

Hearing that from mum was great and made me feel even happier than before.

I was still over the moon by every thing which had happened  but I didn’t want to out stay my welcome and use Mike’s phone for to long as it wasn’t my phone bill I was using it was Mike’s phone bill so I quickly got off the phone and thanked Mike for allowing me to using it to phone home.