Trip Report

Above is footage of me getting my Concorde ticket, due to lack of time in showing

the video on  tv the BBC edited out most of what I said.............

Anyway while I was being filmed I wanted to say on camera about how much I missed and loved my ex girl friend and how much I wanted her back…..I wanted to say on camera how much I wanted her to be here (now) to share this moment of utter happiness…..but I didn’t say that as I didn’t want embarrass her, I didn’t want people who knew her to upset or take the mickey out of her because of what I might have said on national TV, so I kept quite about it.

I wanted to say how much I missed my father and how much I really wanted mum and dad to be here to see this wonderful moment happening to me…..I wanted to talk more to the BBC but my mind just froze and I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Everything just went in to slow motion…..I still had the bright lights from 2 BBC camera crews shining on me…..I still had people around me cheering and where taking photos of me…..everything was happening so so so fast…….it was a funny but extremely happy sensation to describe.

But in the end I wanted to get to another place I knew as I wasn’t use to this all this sudden media attention etc.

I looked at my watch and thought


    Oh oh the 7pm Concorde will be leaving soon.


So I said to Andrew and others


    The 7pm Concorde is going to take off soon,  I’m sorry but I’ve got to go.

I said my good byes to every one and walked off to the end of runway 09R with a BBC camera man following me.

Me walking away to take photos of Concorde after I got me ticket.