•  Captain  ..............................  Captain  Les Brodie

   •  Co-pilot ..............................  Captain Mike Bannister

   •  Engineering Flight Officer .....  Robert Woodcock

   •  Engineering Flight Officer .....  Trevor Norcutt

G-BOAG is the one in the background.

Today  3 - Nov - 03 G-BOAG was scheduled to leave Heathrow in the afternoon at around 3-ish pm…..She was destined to fly to her new home at  Boeing’s museum of flight in Seattle (which was on the north west coast of America on the shores of the Pacific Ocean close to Canada).

But her flight had to split in 2 parts over a period of 2 days


• 3 Nov  03 - London Heathrow -  New York JFK

• 5 Nov  03 - New York  JFK - Seattle Boeing field/King county airport.

This was purely due to her lack of range.

Concorde could fly non stop at Mach 2 for 4,500 miles = London Heathrow -  New York JFK (with some fuel left for emergencies), but after that she ran out petrol and needed to be refuelled…… London to Seattle = 4,799 miles there was no way Concorde could have flown that distance non stop from London hence she needed to stop off at New York to refuel.

In theory as soon as she got to JFK she could have been refuelled within a few hours and flown to Seattle in the same day, but BA decided to split the flight over 2 days so her pilots and crew could have a rest period (as flying Concorde was not an easy job).

Flight Details

Flight number - BA9093


Robert Woodcock was also the Engineering Flight officer on my Concorde flight.

After G-BOAC’s last flight my best friend Jez and I had arranged to meet at Hatton Cross tube station at around 2pm……From there we found out she was going to use the North runway to take off and was taking off towards the west (09L) side of the runway…..We got the bus to the Renaissance hotel and casually walked the ½ hour walk from the hotel to the 09L side of the North Runway, happily giggling and chatting all the way up there.

Above is where me and Jez stood

(on a public foot path waiting for G-BOAG)

This wasn’t the first time I’d used this route, on/off over past 27 years including summer 2003 I’d walked up and down the same route countless times to see and photograph Concorde land and take off on the west side of the North runway so I knew the route well and I knew how long it would roughly take.

But there was a tinge of sadness as I knew this was the last time I’d ever walk up there to see G-BOAG take off and it was one of the last times I’d ever go up there to see Concorde.

It was also the same route where Heathrow Police some times made my life a living hell by stopping and body searching me countless times for no valid reason.

I loved the route as in the past I got a lot of great pictures from there but I was extremely weary of Heathrow Police and how bad they  could some times be.

When we got to 09L luckily there was hardly any one else there, apart from me and Jez there where only 2 – 3 other people (as every one else had got right to the end of the runway so they could see Concorde head on).

I got on my blue stool and on the grass foot path on the public side stood 3ft from the parameter fence and waited for Concorde (like I had done countless times in the past)…… Jez stood 5-10 feet further up the same foot path, he took out his Pentax SLR camera, air band ATC radio and video camera.

He checked his radio and said


   She isn’t ready yet.

Then called his friends on his mobile phone to see where they where.

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G-BOAG - Last flight from Heathrow 3 Nov 2003

Misc - Journey to 09L

Monday 3 Nov 2003  was a cold crisp sunny winter's day and it was G-BOAG’s last ever flight from Heathrow.

She was the youngest and newest Concorde in BA’s fleet, she had all the latest innovations and improvements which most of her older sisters never had.

G-BOAG was special to me as on my Concorde flight G-BOAG was my backup Concorde, I would have had to use if my Concorde G-BOAD had developed any problems……On my flight as G-BOAD taxied to the runway I went past G-BOAG patently parked up and waiting for me……She had full mach 2 capability, all she needed was to filled up with fuel, baggage, food and passengers before she would have taken over G-BOAD’s role and flown me to America on the trip of life time.

But on my flight she was never needed as G-BOAD was running perfectly.