Trip Report

Ray Hough and the BBC

1st Contact

I tried to explain to him that Concorde wasn’t just a “plane“ and watching her fly was (to me) as exciting as England scoring a goal, but he still wasn’t convinced and he needed proof.

We got to the Esso garage with 5 minutes to spare, I ran across the road with blue stool and EOS 3 camera, set my self up and waited for Concorde as soon as she came in I took photos of her coming in to land.

These are two of the many photos took of that landing.

I was grateful to Ray for doing me the favour for getting me to the South runway to see Concorde.

Ray had never seen Concorde landing or taking off, when he finally saw her he was fascinated by her and started to understand why I loved her so much.

After this initial meeting Ray and I met a few more times at Heathrow this time with other people from Concorde SST and with his son. Ray and his son then saw Concorde taking off for the first time and they where awe struck by her, they where now firmly under her magical spell and started to chase Concorde around Heathrow.

In the following weeks Ray and I met and filmed many times, we chatted more about


 Me

 About Concorde

 About how my interest in Concorde got started.

Ray saw me many times chasing Concorde around Heathrow and started to understand why I loved Concorde so much. Over the coming weeks he also met  Peer, Gordon, Sparky, Rainbow Warrior and Tridentman a few times, he talked and filmed them all about their love and fascination for Concorde.

In the last 2 weeks of September 2003 Ray had his filming scheduled sorted out for the last and major parts of his program after much thought and planning he decided to include me in the program and sent a BBC camera crew to Romford to meet me and film my entire daily journey up to the Heathrow to see Concorde.

When he said this initially I was very edgy, iffy, unsure and worried about it as I didn’t know what to expect or how to behave in front a TV camera  crew (especially some one as prestigious and high profile as a  “BBC“ TV camera crew) I talked about my concerns and worries, Ray understood how I felt and made the time to explain things he was very  nice about it.

We chatted for a long time about the whole thing, Ray told me what was going to happen, how it was going to filmed and reassured me that nothing dodgy would happen to me and nothing would be twisted…….

To get a second opinion I talked to my mum about it and afterwards I said


    Yes I’ll be happy to do it

A few hours later Ray e-mailed the me schedule for next few days of filming.

 2nd October 2003 – (Thursday) afternoon Ray’s camera man to meet and film your journey.

 At Heathrow we will all meet up and film the take off and any fans who are there.

 Filming one guy who is flying on Concorde using his life savings on Saturday 4 October 2003.

 Saturday 4th October 2003 main day where TV presenter Sumit Bose will interview you with all your photos and talk to you about your love of Concorde etc.

 Interview the manager of the Esso garage on the fact that his garage has become THE place for Concorde lovers to meet.

 After interview we will travel to Heathrow for the big night where I’m hoping for a big turn out of Concorde lovers to see the arrival and the flight.

    This will be the time where I hope people will talk about why they think she should be saved.

We arranged a time and date for his camera man to meet me at Romford station, the plan was for Ray’s camera man to meet at Romford Station on Thursday 2nd Oct 2003 at around 2pm.