Trip Report

Quest for a Concorde Ticket

Cheque for £500

Copy of the cheque I sent Sparky for my flight

Yellow bits on the cheque are my bank account and personal

details which I’ve deleted for security reasons.


Even though I couldn’t afford to loose so much money I felt if there was ever a chance that I could fly on Concorde I didn’t want to miss out on this chance of a life time by being £500 a way from Sparky buying ticket.

I trusted Sparky and sent him a cheque for £500 but I never really thought, I never really believed that I would ever actually get the ticket and fly on Concorde. I just thought


      This is a huge wined up and Sparky will give me my £500 back after October 2003.

I never really believed that I would actually fly on Concorde.

British Airways Help

At the time unknown to me while Sparky and the others where busy raising funds for my flight, Captain Black (another of my friends from ConcordeSST) talked to the British Airways Concorde Managers about the possibility of reserving a Concorde ticket for me.

British Airways understood the situation and told Captain Black


We will be happy try and keep one ticket spare, but unless all the money for the ticket is paid in full before the end of September 2003 that ticket will be sold.

With the reassurance from British Airways about holding a Concorde ticket for me until the end of September 2003, this was one less pressure off the shoulders of my friends who where now working harder than ever to try and raise enough money to get me on my dream flight.

But I didn’t know that all this was happening, I didn’t have a clue that all this was going on, I was to busy chasing Concorde around Heathrow and I didn’t want to get my hopes up about getting a Concorde ticket.

Flight Options

While all this was going on, on Concordesst’s forum  we where all having discussions about what ”if “ the flight happened, what would the flight would be.

Initially it was planned that “if“ I got the flight I would fly both ways on Concorde (London Heathrow – New York JFK on the 7pm BA001 Concorde and next day New York JFK – London Heathrow on the 5.30pm BA002 Concorde which landed at 5.30pm at Heathrow).

But when Sparky looked further at the cost of such a flight he knew there simply wasn’t enough time to raise £8500 ($15,250) + money for my over night stay in a New York hotel.

Sparky talked to me about it and felt given the short space of time it may not be possible to raise so much money.

At first I was disappointed that if I had got the ticket I would not have been able to fly both ways on Concorde as to fly out on BA001 Concorde to New York and to triumphantly fly home to Heathrow on BA002 Concorde

Wow that would have been the crowning moment of my entire life and what a way to come home after living the dream wow what a way to come from America but to fly home on the ultimate dream machine (Concorde) both ways across the Atlantic ocean wow that would been the greatest way to ever come home.

But after having a while to think about it I fully understood what Sparky meant and in the end I didn't care how I flew on her as all I wanted to do was to fly on Concorde.

I felt if there was a chance of any kind of me flying on Concorde I wanted to take that chance with both hands, be it for a 20 minute supersonic test flight (when the pilots tested Concorde after a major service) to 3 ½ hour supersonic flight Heathrow to New York or Barbados….. I didn’t care….. I just wanted to fly on her and experience what mach 2 flight was like.

Sparky and my friends on ConcordeSST looked in to the matter and saw there was a way of getting me on Concorde and flying me back home for less than £8500 ($15,250 in 2003). He talked to me about the flying out on Concorde and flying home on fat boy the 747.