Trip Report

Quest for a Concorde Ticket

Cheque for £500

They asked


Is there any way you can afford to give us any more ?

I felt very very uncomfortable and edgy about them asking me for more money for the ticket as I was out of full time work for a long time and I really couldn’t spare any more spare money for the ticket.…..Up until now the only people who knew about me being out of full time work for so long where


Apart from the above no one else knew about me being out of full time work.

Since summer 1999 I’ve been contracting until I can get a permanent job but because I haven’t been offered any permanent work I’ve had to take contract and temp work purely to survive, in the eyes of  the law I’m thus classed as a contractor and self employed.

I’ve been told by many people that I couldn’t sign on to the dole to claim any dole money (unemployment benefit) as technically I am a contractor….. I’m thus self employed and don’t work for any one I work for me…… So since summer 1999 when ever I’ve been out of full time work I didn’t claimed any dole money.

I never claimed any unemployment benefit,…..I never claimed any state benefits of any kind at all….. For the last 2 ½ years with not having any regular work and not having any regular money coming in the only money I had to power my entire life…… job hunt……. pay for my prescription medicine….. pay for the Dentist, pay for everything in my life all this was coming out of my life savings (which day by day where getting less and less).

Things where not get any easier,  things where very hard for me and I was constantly stressed out and constantly worried about my future and about money, the money I got from the random temp work I had  from a job agency paid for the film and photos I took while I chased Concorde around Heathrow.

Due to lack of money and lack of regular steady job things where very stressful for me, but no matter what happened I was determined to go to Heathrow to see the last days of Concorde …………….

Cat let out of the bag

When ever I did the random temp work the taxman always took his share of my wages in tax and national insurance even if I only did half a day’s work the tax man still took his share of my wages but I got nothing back from the poxy tax man…….. For the taxman it was just - Take, Take and Take from me and not give anything back to me in any way………….

Because Sparky, Captain Black and Gordon asked how much money I could spare for the ticket I had to tell them the truth about why I could not  afford any more than £500 for the ticket I had to tell them the truth about me not having a full time .I.T. job in  2 ½ years and what real difficulties I experienced job hunting.

Here is the e-mail I sent to sparky telling him of my situation and his reply to me