Trip Report

Raising funds

No one asked any one for the money, people did it through the kindness of their hearts as they wanted to help, but at the time I didn’t have clue at how big this whole project really was…… Looking back what every one did for me was just truly amazing mind blowing stuff as you never think that people can be so nice to some one else.  

In my life this was equal to getting man on the moon as the challenges facing my friends on ConcordeSST to get me on Concorde where in my life the same as the challenges Nasa faced to get man on the moon as every one thought it was impossible to get man on the moon, Nasa didn’t give up.

On ConcordeSST me and most others thought it was impossible to get me on Concorde but Sparky and the others didn’t give up and where determined to succeed,  it was amazing how all this happened.

It was an extremely warm and extremely wonderful thing but at the time I never knew all this was going on, all I was concerned about was chasing Concorde around Heathrow and taking as many photos as I could before she was grounded forever.

When I took the photos I wanted each film to be better than the last one but with Concorde taking off and landing only once a day and some times having Heathrow Police annoying me (for no reason) it was very very difficult to get good photos.

But I didn’t give up when I knew I’d taken bad photos I thought


Ok fine that’s happened now, forget it and move on.  Failure is not an option, tomorrow I will learn from my mistakes and I will come back better, stronger, more focused and more determined than ever to take better photos than before (from a public and legal place Mr Heathrow Police Officer).

Although (through no fault of my own) I had been out of full time work for 2 ½ years I didn’t tell any of my friends  on ConcordeST as I was a shamed of being out of work because when your out of full time work every one looks down at you like you’re a nothing, people treat you like your dirt because you aint got a job ….. I didn’t want my friends on Concorde SST to do that to me hence why I didn’t tell them.

Cheque for £500

But in September 2003 things came to a head as Sparky, Captain Black and Gordon asked me


Jet if we could get you the Concorde ticket how much money could you afford give us towards the ticket ?

I replied


       I can only afford to give you £500 for ticket  I can’t afford any more.

Quest for a Concorde Ticket


I gave him as many names  and e-mail addresses I could of friends and people who I thought would be able to help, but I never found out (and I didn’t want to know) which of my friends actually contributed to my flight by buying the Jetinder CD etc.

Many people including Rachel and Ari either saw my CD on E-bay or heard about me through Concorde SST and donated money for the flight.

When Rachel and Ari found out they became a members of Concorde SST to see how they could help, Rachel gave $1000 as a present to help me fly on Concorde, Ari gave I think £700 as a present for my flight.

There was one guy called Crepello, who like me was unemployed but he gave £25 out of his money to help Sparky try and get the ticket for my flight. £25 to some one out of work is a lot of money.

There are many more people who helped me get my dream flight, Below is how the money was raised +main players who helped.