Trip Report

Quest for a Concorde Ticket

Scanning and sending my photos

Each day after coming home from chasing Concorde and on top of


On  top of all this I also had to find the time to


I had to do that all before I went to sleep and the following day I went back to Heathrow to chase Concorde after I came home from Chasing Concorde I did all the above before going to sleep, it was a lot of hard work but after a few days of doing the above I got use to it and it became part of  “normal life “ for me.

After coming home from chasing Concorde scanning those photos and e-mailing Sparky was a lot of hard work as my body was extremely tired but I knew I had to scan them in and send them to Sparky as I gave Sparky my word, my word is my bond and I couldn’t let him nor the others down.

Initially I scanned them in at around 150 dpi and e-mailed them to Sparky but Sparky said


These are not good enough for the CD, can you rescan them at higher resolution and re-send me all of them ?

I thought :-

            ……… doh, this’ll take me ages to do,

but I promised Sparky I do that for him and that’s exactly what I did, but I didn't know what resolution Sparky wanted the images scanned in..

I spoke to my friend Christiaan who lives in the south of France and who actually worked on Concorde in 1970s….. over the next few weeks Christiaan worked out what resolution I needed for various photo sizes,  I understood most of what he was saying.  

But when he talked about xxx dpi = xxx pixels or mega pixels that confused the hell out of me as I didn't know what or how big xxx pixels or mega pixels where, I thought


      Only tree hugging hippies and the Briaddy Bunch used the word “mega” to describe

      some thing as in :- Hey man this “mega“ cool…….

I didn’t know what the quality of xxx pixels looked like v other pixels of lower or higher values.

All I knew was that my PC’s scanner could scan photos from 150 dpi to 1200 dpi and I basically needed to know which of these resolutions I should use to scan the photos in.

While Christiaan and I where working out what size the photo’s would have to be, Sparky, Gordon and Mike Turner where working out the HTML code for my CD, as the CD needed to be in a format which could be used on both PCs and Apple Macs.

Starlight was working out the logistics of buying blank CDs in bulk, putting my photos on to those CDs and then producing a very professional looking product with CD and cover printed which people would want to buy, this was all very complex stuff.


On top of chasing Concorde while I was re-sending Sparky photos for my CD,  Sparky was also asking other people on ConcordeSST to send him any videos or photos they had taken of Concorde.

Sparky did this to give the CD variety because although my photos are good, I could not be in every single place where Concorde was to take photos at every type of angle or view point I could thing of.

Starting the ball rolling

On ConcordeSST people rallied round and sent Sparky truck loads of photos and videos they had taken, in the end Sparky was snowed under as he had a mountain load of stuff to look through but the benefit of all this was that CD was more than just a CD about me… was a CD which had variety in it…... it was a CD about Concorde and how through our photos and videos different people including me saw and experienced Concorde.


In America WesternDH worked extremely hard to contact as many people and organisations as he could to try and raise capital (money) for my flight…… He also asked me if I had any friends or relatives who would be interested in helping me.