Trip Report

Mid summer – Early Autumn 2003

July -  End of August 2003

Some times on the South or North runway I met Peer, Peter Ziebeck, Gordon and few others they gave me a lift back to Hatton Cross (as they where driving home that way anyway).

I never asked any one for lifts back to Hatton Cross as I did not want to impose my self……. I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t scrounging lifts off friends, I always planned to walk back to Hatton Cross from what ever part around Heathrow I was viewing Concorde from but when my friends saw me walking down the road by my self they some times stopped their cars and asked me if I wanted a lift to the train station……I never asked them and I never expected them  to do this for me as I wanted to rely on my self, but I was very grateful when they did give me a lift as that saved me 40-60 minute walk to Hatton Cross.

There was one occasion where Peer made 2 journeys in one evening from Esso to Hatton Cross and back to Esso station……. First time round he dropped off some friends who he met at Esso station on the same day he saw me walking away from Esso to Hatton Cross, so after dropping his mates off at Hatton Cross Peer came back picked me up and gave me a lift to Hatton Cross.  

I didn’t want him to do that as I didn’t want to impose my self on him but Peer knew how long the journey home was for me.

He said


Jet I don’t mind I’ve done it because I want to not because I have to, I know how long your journey home is seeing as I’m in the area and I am your friend I thought I’d help out.

I wanted to give Peer some petrol money but he wouldn’t accept it, he did that out of the kindness of his heart.

Apart from chasing Concorde I continued to job hunt but as usual didn’t have any good luck at all and didn’t get any interviews for any suitable jobs I applied for all I got where either walls of “silence“ or stupid excuses from job agencies and companies (including all the well known and well respected companies who are not meant to behave like this but behind ”closed doors” they all “silently“ do).

I didn’t need walls of “silence“…….. I didn’t need their lies and excuses as to why I didn’t get suitable job interview or why I didn’t get the suitable job as these didn’t pay my bills…… they didn’t put food on the table…… they didn’t put money in my pocket and they didn’t put clothes on my back ……. I needed a steady job to do all this but no one cared and that really really hurt ……

Going to Heathrow also took my mind off the constant and unrelenting stress of job hunting.

Saving Concorde

Me and Peer also tried to save Concorde, we wrote to various people and firms to try and save her…… most just gave us “walls of silence“…… some people where very sympathetic they ummmmed and arrrrrrrred about  it agreed she should be saved  but in the end no one “in power“…… no one “important” was willing to put heir money where their mouths where…… no one was willing to put them selfs out and join us to save her.

Basically  I feel they where 2 faced and gutless as one side they  the sympathised with us but on the other side where to gutless and didn’t do a thing to stop Concorde’s demise.........

But these VIPs had the power and contacts to stop Concorde’s demise........

Why  can’t  people be straight ...............

If they don’t want to help they  should say that first then at least you don’t waste any ones time.

Before the 2000 Paris crash British Airways Concorde used take off 4 times a day and land 3 times day, on some days she also had charter flights and Bay of Biscay supersonic flights so it was a real treat to see so many Concorde flights in one day……But after the 2000 paris crash British Airways reduced the number of Concorde take offs from 4 per day down to 1 per day.

They also reduced the number of Concorde landings from 3 per day down to 1 per day so if you missed either of them then that was it…… there was no second chance and your entire day was wasted if you didn’t get to Heathrow in time to see the one and only  take off and landing of the day so it was paramount to get to Heathrow in time.

Stress of “delays” on public transport

On the journey to Heathrow when the trains where delayed I often had to do a lot of mental calculations to work out and re-work out how long it would take to get to Heathrow and how long it would take for me to get to the right spot to get the right photos of Concorde after the delay had happened.

Even a delay of 1-2 minutes effected whether or not I got to see Concorde as Concorde was unpredictable and could normally be 1-2 mins early or late  so having an extra 1-2 minutes could mean that I got to see her or not as it took Concorde around 30 seconds to land.  

Some times she could come in 20, 30, 40 minutes early, other times she could be 1-2 hours late, other times her landing could be cancelled you just couldn’t accurately tell what was going on.

During my 2 hour journey I couldn’t use my mobile phone to call British Airways for an update on Concorde (as mobile phones don’t work on the underground) so it was often a case of hit or miss if I saw Concorde on that day.

7 times out 10 it was a hit and I got to see her  land other times I missed her landing as you simply couldn’t tell what was going on and that was very very frustrating.