Trip Report

Mid summer – Early Autumn 2003

July -  End of August 2003

The weather was extremely hot and day time temperatures often reached around 25 – 30 degrees centigrade (which for me is very very hot)…… before I left home I use to check the weather and wind direction, as well as carrying all my camera gear and blue stool I also had to carry with me a 2 litre bottle of water……baseball cap (to keep the sun off my head) and 2 Mars Bars or 1 Yorky Bar.  

In July Sparky and I chatted on Concorde SST, at first we had a few arguments about Concorde but when he knew I was coming to Heathrow to see Concorde so he wanted me to take photos of his last Concorde flight,……His flight was scheduled to land at 5.30pm I left home early and tried to get to Heathrow by 5.15pm but as usual those POXY trains mucked up and I was late.

I got there at 5.29pm and ran out of Hatton Cross as fast as I could 30 seconds later I heard the sound of Concorde’s engines, I looked up and saw her flying over my head…..I tried to get the EOS 3 to take photos of her but by the time I did this it was to late, she landed…….I was gutted that this happened as I promised Sparky to get photos of his Concorde landing…… I really really wanted to get photos of Sparky’s Concorde landing but it wasn’t meant to be and I felt utterly gutted that I let Sparky down.

After the landing I walked up Church road towards the end of runway 09L (western side of the North runway)…… the walk took me an hour but I was glad I did it as it gave me a long time to think.

While I was waiting by the fence for the 7pm Concorde to take off I heard some one loudly and happily saying


Are you Jet ?

I turned around and replied


Yes I am.

I walked over to a large navy blue Vauxhall and spoke to guy sitting in the drivers seat dressed in suite.

He cheerily said


I’m Sparky

At first I was shocked I thought


       How does he know who I am ….. oh oh he’s an  undercover agent from

       Heathrow Police

but as we got chatting I realised it was the same Sparky  with whom I’d spoken to many times on ConcordeSST.  

I looked at my watch and said


I got to go as Concorde is taking off soon.

He understood and happily replied


Fine I’ll come back and give you a lift back to Hatton Cross.

I said


I don’t want to impose my self on you are you sure about doing this ?

Sparky calmly replied


I have to pick my wife up so I’m coming this way any way.

I happily said



After the 7pm Concorde took off I waited for a few minutes, Sparky came down beeped his car horn…… I ran over got in to the back of  the Sparky’s car and he introduced me to his wife.

I expected Sparky to be in his late 50s as I thought


    Any one who works for British Airways for 20 odd years must be in their 50s

    as these days no one of my generation stays in a company for longer than a

    few years

but when I saw Sparky and his wife they both looked the same age as me (34-35).

We drove back to Hatton Cross I explained Sparky what happened and in a happy cheery voice he said


No worries.

After they dropped me off at Hatton Cross I got the train home.

It was the first time I’d ever met Sparky and Mrs Sparky, they are really nice and genuine people.