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Heathrow Police & Heathrow Security

Things got  MUCH worse

There are ways and means of dealing with people some of Heathrow Airport Police’s “iron fist“ attitude doesn’t work and they should have resorted to “politer“ less “hostile“ ways of talking to me after all I bet Heathrow Airport has 24 hour CCTV cameras.

Heathrow Police and Heathrow security patrols every where so I wasn’t hiding from any one, I wasn’t doing anything dodgy I was openly  standing in a “ public place “ taking photos of Concorde and every one knew about it as they all saw me.

All I ever wanted was to be left in peace to “innocently” watch and take photos of Concorde from a safe and public place,…… I didn’t want nor did I ever need any hassle from Heathrow Police and Heathrow security, I didn’t deserve the treatment I got.

It’s a pity that at the time Heathrow Airport management and the head of Heathrow Police didn’t have some kind of a scheme where they would have security vetted me and other “Concorde chasers”…… given us ID cards and informed ALL their officers and staff of who we where……. Then they could have left us alone to carry on with our hobby and that would have stopped me getting so much hassle from the police.

But this never happened, instead some Heathrow Police officers and security acted like Judge Dred and made my life a total misery and hell because I was an “Asian“ innocently standing in “public and legal place“ and innocently taking pictures of a supersonic “passenger” plane.

By this time they all knew who I was as they had all stopped, questioned, checked by details and body searched me countless times……. Heathrow Airport’s Managing Director, his staff and the commander of Heathrow Airport Police knew who I was (as I wrote to them) so I wasn’t doing anything dodgy or bad but some Heathrow Police officers still made my life hell and bullied me ………  Makes me wonder what planet some of the police officers (who harrast and bullied me) where on as they should NOT have acted they way they did towards me.

I didn’t want to say these things about Heathrow Airport Police, but people reading this have to understand what I went through in 2003 and why I feel the way I feel about Heathrow Police........ It was PURE HELL.

If all Heathrow Police had treated me fairly and equally……if they had not given me the hell some of them clearly did give me then I would not have said the above things.

In general most Police officers at Heathrow and most Police officers around the country are NOT bad people I understand they all have a very very hard job to do and I sincerely respect them for that as I know I could not ever do their job because the Police are the only ones who can stop the bad guys from hurting us and they keep us all safe so I do respect the job they have to do.

But there are always bad apples in every barrel, the bad Police officers pushed my patients to the limit, they made my life pure misery at Heathrow and gave the other good hard working Police officers at Heathrow a bad name…….. I will not ever forget the bullying and harassment I got from the bad police officers at Heathrow for just “innocently“ chasing Concorde ………………..

What I wrote here is the truth, what you read in this chapter is what Heathrow Police did to me and I am  not going to feel ashamed or bad for what I’ve written.

If they didn’t treat me as badly as they did, then I would not have written what I have written .......... Its that simple.........

If Heathrow Police are reading this if people treated you the way you treated me ............. How would you feel............ I bet you’d feel just as bad as I do, I am a human being......... so treat me with respect.

I want a written apology from you and your commanding officer as I did not do anything bad........

1 July 2010

Today I saw the following


This ruling won't change what happened to me 7 years ago .... and those officers will never apologize to me but now they won't be allowed to upset others in the same way they upset me.