Trip Report

Heathrow Police & Heathrow Security

Things got  MUCH worse

Both Metropolitan Police and Heathrow Airport management understood how I felt, they sympathised with my views and concerns, they said they would have words with the Manager of Heathrow Police station to high light my worries.

But they also said in the current world climate because I am Asian I had to “accept“ being stopped and searched,  Heathrow Police’s reasoning and “logic“ was that “current“ terrorists are Muslims who look like “Asians“, thus to be on the “safe side“ they thought “all “  Asians where “potential terrorist“ suspects and had to be stopped, searched and questioned at the will of the police.

Heathrow Airport is in West London and right next to one of the biggest concentrations of Asians in the UK in the towns of Southall, Ealing, Harrow and Slough.

All these towns are 10-15 minutes travelling time from Heathrow Airport……these towns have a lot of Asians living and working there Heathrow Airport has countless Asians working in it so using the “logic“ of Heathrow Police and Heathrow Airport management it means that ALL Asians living and working in and around Heathrow are also classed as “potential terrorist“ suspects as they are “ASIAN” so in theory Heathrow Police can hassle all these people for that reason.

99.9% of Asians are NOT terrorists,…… they are good honest hard working people who don’t want to hassle any one……. I am an “ Asian “…… I am NOT a terrorist but because I’m an “Asian“ standing outside Heathrow Airport with a powerful 35mm camera innocently taking photos of Concorde I still got hassled by the Police when I wasn’t doing anything bad…..  I was just “ innocently “ standing on my blue stool 2-3 feet from the parameter fence with my EOS 3 waiting for Concorde to land or take off.

Although I partly understand the Police’s logic I still felt like I was a 2nd class citizen in my own country as I felt that I was specifically being targeted for stop and search by Heathrow police officers……. If I had been white, black, Chinese, Japanese or what ever I don’t think I would have had any hassle at all from Heathrow Police and Heathrow security…… but because I’m  “Asian“ those guys had it in for me from day 1 and had a field day.

I ain't got a chip on shoulder as I ain't racist but when some people “in power” say


Because you're “Asian“ you have more chance of being stopped and searched by the Police than if you wasn’t Asian.

That made me feel bad that I was born an “Asian”.

After these 2-3 incidences there where countless other times where Heathrow Police and Heathrow security use to watch me, stop, search and question me and then leave me alone…….I didn’t mind them doing that as by that time I’d got use to it but the difference between these officers and the ones I had to complain about was these new guys treated me like I was a “human“ being….they didn’t treat me like I was a worthless peace of dirt……they didn’t threaten to arrest me under the “terrorism“ act if I didn’t move……I knew these new officers had to do a job and I respected them for that, hence why I didn’t complain.

As soon they all knew who I was and what I was up to, they knew as soon as I had taken photos of Concorde I left that area and walked back to Hatton cross…….I wasn’t doing anything dodgy I was openly taking photos of Concorde from a public place and they knew that I was doing this because at any point in time their police cars and CCTV could track me around any part of Heathrow so I didn’t have anything to hide.

People don’t know how bad things got for me with the Police, I have never ever had so much hassle and grief from Police in my life…….All this scared the life out of me and even now I vividly  remember what some Heathrow Airport Police did to me like it happened yesterday but it really happened just over 1 year ago….… I will never ever forget their UNFAIR and UNJUST treatment.

By their actions they made me feel bad for being born an “Asian” yet the Police are not meant to be racists but by their attitude towards me I feel some Heathrow Police clearly and openly where racist towards me.

Some times I openly asked Heathrow Police officers who stopped and searched me to get Asian Heathrow Police officers to stop and search me (as I felt Asian Police officers couldn’t be racist towards me as I am the same race and colour as them) but Heathrow Police ignored my requests.

When I take photos of place like the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge etc I’m also in a public place but none of the Police harass me…… none of them threaten me under the “ terrorism “ act to move.