Trip Report

Heathrow Police & Heathrow Security

But for me it was personal as I was being stopped and searched (thus harassed and terrorised) to many times for nothing by Heathrow Police when I never did anything bad.

Things got worse

In late July - early August 2003 there where 3 occasions where things really got bad. On each occasion I was quietly waiting for Concorde with my camera in a PUBLIC and LEGAL place.

A Police car would suddenly pull up, then they’d body search me……. When I was searched I was asked to stand in a X shape and had the officers patting me every part of me with both hands and checking every inch of me (apart from my personal bits)…… if they had touched a personal bit of me (in self defence) I would have defended my self but luckily they left that part of me alone.

This was a very frightening and humiliating experience as I didn’t know if I was going to be hand cuffed, shoved in to back of their ploddy van and never come out a live or if I was going be left to “live“……While this was going on I didn’t have a clue.

The last time I saw body searches like this was when I was watching Clint Eastwood film Dirty Harry..... Before 2003 no police officer had stopped and searched me but now this was happening and I thought


I ain’t done anything bad why am I being treated like this!!!!!!!,

what the hell’s going on!!!!!!!!!!!……….

After the body search was over  they then checked my bag……checked my id…….my EOS 3 camera……checked my trouser and jacket pockets even though I was clearly in a public area these two Police officers acted like “power crazed“ Hitler’s and for no “real“ reason and deliberately ordered me to move 2 minutes before Concorde took off…….. if I didn’t move they strongly hinted and threatened to arrest me under the “terrorism act “ and ban me from Heathrow Airport for life.

But I wasn’t doing anything bad to warrant such bad threats and I missed Concorde after I’d spent 2 long and very hot hours on the trains getting to Heathrow from Romford…… Followed by an another hour on top of that in the baking hot sun walking to a good spot (on a legal and public foot path), then patently and quietly waiting for up to another hour with my EOS 3 camera for Concorde to take off or land.

That day alone I spent a total of 3 hrs getting to Heathrow  including waiting time just to see 30 seconds of Concorde landing or taking off but after all the time and effort I spent getting to that spot…… Heathrow Police officers suddenly  pulled up in their ploddy car and order me to move or they threatened to really arrest me under the “ terrorism act “, that scared the hell out of me.

On these 3 occasions as I walked back to Hatton Cross I saw Concorde taking off but it was to late for me to set the camera up to take any photos of her and I burst in  to tears because I felt so helpless and so so powerless against Heathrow Police’s constant bullying and “move long, move along“ or I the “mighty”  Heathrow Police and I will arrest you under the  “terrorism” act attitude.

Things got  MUCH worse

The way Heathrow Police and Heathrow security treated me was very bad, they where out of order and grossly unfair as I didn’t do anything bad and I am NOT a terrorist……But they just carried on doing this as they knew no one was there to stop them from “ bullying “ me for nothing……. I felt I was totally and utterly powerless against their might and “power”.

By July – August 2003 they all knew who I was as they’d seen me around Heathrow countless times……they had stopped, searched and questioned me…….noted down my details and done an id check on me countless times……They knew I wasn’t dodgy but these officers didn’t leave me alone…… They just didn’t leave me in peace to see Concorde from where I was standing which IS a public and legal place…..I felt like they where stalking and bullying me it was that bad.

After the 2nd time I was left in tears by Heathrow Police (me a grown man of 34 was left crying like a 8 year old kid after a bully had harassed him it was that bad)…… I walked back to Hatton Cross tube station but on my way there decided to got to Heathrow Police station to have a chat with the duty Police Officer as I needed advise on  how to handle what had just happened to me.

The Police officer saw how upset I was…… he gently calmed me down, took the time to listen to me. He understood how I felt and gave me advise……. (I really appreciated the time he had taken to talk to me, to listen and to advise me).

Next time I was at Heathrow I followed his advise to the letter but I still got badly harassed for the 3rd time by some Heathrow police officers……. After a total of  3 incidents I was scared senseless of those officers, but I still wanted to come to Heathrow to see Concorde.

In a desperate attempt to stop this unfair harassment and bullying,  to find an amicable solution to the problem I had seek advise and guidance from both Metropolitan Police head quarters in Scotland Yard and from the Heathrow Airport management about dealing with these irate Police officers who acted like power mad bullies things really got that bad.

I didn’t want to seek this advise, I didn’t want to act like a grass (some one who at school tells his teacher that another pupil is bugging him)…… I really didn’t want to do this. I was very scared of the back lash and repercussions I could get from these Heathrow police officers but things where getting beyond a joke……

Things where getting beyond a bearable level and by their behaviour towards me so I had no choice but to tell their bosses as those officers where out of order and by their bullying actions forced me in to doing that…… if they hadn’t harassed and bullied me so much then I would not have told their bosses.

When I contacted the Metropolitan Police and Heathrow’s Management I also sent them


I did this to show them that I wasn’t dodgy person and that my only interest was Concorde I was as open as I could be with Metropolitan Police and Heathrow’s Management.