Trip Report

Heathrow Police & Heathrow Security

While I was innocently waiting for Concorde, there where often times when I use to get hassled by Heathrow Police and Heathrow security…….But I wasn’t doing anything bad or dodgy as I was standing on a grass foot path in a “public  place“  2-3 feet away from the runway fence and every ¼ of a mile the fence had the following sign

Photo of that sign I took this 5 minutes before Concorde took off.

This sign is always attached to the runway’s parameter fence……I never went beyond this sign, so I did NOT brake law……I ALWAYS stood in the area in FRONT of the parameter fence so I was NOT in any illegal place……..I was NOT doing anything dodgy……I was just innocently standing near the airport fence and waiting to take photos of Concorde…….. But countless times either Heathrow Police and Heathrow security use to suddenly pull over their cars 2 – 3 officers or guards use to come out and ”see” me.

Stopped & searched

When I got stopped by the Police the officers they use to stop, question and search me for nothing. If I got stopped by Heathrow Security I was ordered to move or they would get the Police on to me…….That was a real pain the back side as I wasn’t doing anything dodgy…….I wasn’t doing anything bad and I was in a legal and public place but they still harast me.

After the Police had searched me and my bags and after I had I explained who I was…… what I was doing……What I was up to they use to leave me in me peace……But when ever they to stopped and searched me it was a very frightening experience because I didn’t know what they where “going to do to me” (as this had never happened to me before) and ALL Heathrow police carried “live“ machine guns with “real“ bullets either on them or in their cars so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be killed or not by them…… I didn’t have a clue and being stopped by them was very scary.

There where times when some Heathrow security people where real pains in the backside, they use to bug me for nothing and asked me to “ move “ when I was not in a dodgy place……Other times they use to drive past me scream their horns at me for the same reason, this was ridicules as no one else got the kind of harassment I got from them.

When ever I was asked to move by either Heathrow Police or  Heathrow security I did as I was told and moved, I didn’t go back to that spot for the rest of the day…… Every time I was at Heathrow chasing Concorde I carried my passport or driver’s licence with me as a form of legal id to show these guys who I was……..That way it took less time for them to do what they had to do and when they where satisfied they left me alone to see Concorde.

Other times Police officers stopped and searched me because some one (who they didn’t name) had phoned them about me and the Police had to come over to see what I was up to, when I wasn’t up to anything.

That really really annoyed me and really really upset me as all I was doing was innocently chasing Concorde around Heathrow on Heathrow’s public roads and foot paths I wasn’t doing anything bad yet these faceless…….Gutless wastes of space where not man enough to ask me what I was up to…….instead they called the Police for no reason………. God that annoyed me.

There where times when after I got stopped and questioned for more than one time in a day I jokingly asked them in a happy voice


How many points did you get for stopping and searching me and did you fill your quota of the day for stopping and searching me ?  

How many more times am I going to get stopped and searched today when I ain’t doing anything bad ?

Luckily the officers took what I said as a joke and said


We are only doing are job as our “ boss “ wants us to stop and search “ you “, if we don’t do that our “ boss “ will come down on us for not doing our “ jobs “ ……… its nothing “ personal “.