Trip Report

Blue Stool

Originally I came to Heathrow with just my Canon EOS 3 camera and film but I noticed countless good places had these grey bands around them.... After a number times I had enough of not being able to see over them, when I tried to crouch down (to see under them) it gave me bad back ache.

These shoes would have been a pain to ware but they would have given me the required height I needed to see over those grey bits on the fence.

2. Buying a set of mini steps (2 step steps)


 3. Making a light portable 1-2 ft high table out of would and metal poles which I could take to Heathrow and stand on while Concorde took off or landed.

4. Find a milk crate

5. Buy a cheap plastic stool.

I tried to find option 1 but no one sold any platform shoes, B&Q had option 2 but they where far to expensive as  I simply could not afford £20-£30 to buy those mini steps…….Option 3 worked out to be to expensive as well…….. With option 4 I looked every where but I could not find a plastic milk crate.

One day when I wasn’t at Heathrow I was walking through Romford and saw a shop selling cheap plastic stools and 3 ft high plastic tables…….I stood on both and swivelled my feet around on them in random directions and speeds the stool held my weight with full camera gear and heavy leather jacket……..The plastic table felt weak and unstable so the stool was the one for me.

The stool was only £4 so I bought it as it was a light, strong and sturdy plastic stool……it met all my requirements..... The only down side of it was that the stool could not be folded flat  so its shape was bulky to carry around.

So I had to find a solution and find it fast, I needed to have some thing which was light and portable which I could carry with me day in day out and if I had to run with it, run easily with it.

I had a number of ideas including


   1. Finding new or 2nd hand shoe shop which sold platform shoes (as used in the 1970s)