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How it all began

Summer of 2003

Blue stool

Heathrow Police & Heathrow Security

Mid summer – Early Autumn 2003

Quest for a Concorde Ticket

Ray Hough and the BBC

3 Oct 2003 – My ticket of happiness

4th Oct 2003 – 13th Oct 2003

Chasing Concorde after getting my ticket

13 Oct 2003 – Jet on TV

14 Oct 2003 - 20th Oct 2003

15th October 2003 - Ryan Air flight

Mid Oct 2003 – The Press

Concorde Flight

20th Oct 2003 - Eve of my flight

21st Oct 2003 –  When dreams became “ True “  

G-BOAD having a shower

The Concorde Lounge

At the Door of  the dream machine  

We are on our way  

Gently Climbing

Braking the Sound Barrier  

Mach 1.7 – Reached  

Mach 2 – yipeeeeeeeeeeee  

Midday at 58,000 feet  

Supersonic loo

Decelerating - Mach 2  Subsonic  

Landing at JFK

Visiting the Flight Deck

In New York

Walking to arrivals

Drive to the hotel from JFK

5pm time to go home


Threads about my flight

Going Home

Going on Mr Blobby the 747

5.15am – 23 Oct 2003 - near Ireland

Landing at Heathrow Airport

After we landed at Terminal 4

Last Concorde Flights

The Last BA001 Heathrow – JFK

Welcome home party at TGM

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

Radio 5 Live

25th Oct 2003 - Post Concorde’s last commercial day

Local Newspaper coverage

Books about  me  and my flight

Wired News

Producing the Jet CD

After Concorde

End of my Adventure

747  v Concorde

Did Concorde change my life ?

Famous for 3 weeks

After Thoughts

Life after Concorde

Making the trip report

Many Thanks

Contact me

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