G-BOAD - Last flight from Heathrow 10 Nov 2003

At Heathrow Airport

On Monday 10 Nov 2003 it was a cold sunny-ish winter's day, when G-BOAD had her last ever flight from Heathrow.

At the time, my friends of the time found out she was taking off on the south runway 27L over Hatton Cross so we all walked there as fast we could.

By the time we got there, the roads already had hundreds of people lined up by the road and perimeter fence, waiting for her with their camera's etc and Heathrow Police where there in force making sure every one was safe and they could see her.

When we got there, I went to the end of the 27L fence and waited for her with many others, while my friends stood on the side of the road.

I had mixed emotions. I was as ever excited to see her but at the same time I very sad to see her take off as I knew she was never coming back, she'd never be coming home.

I knew when she got to New York she'd be vandalised by having all her engines taken out and they would not block those holes up, she was going to sit on a floating rust bucket, next to a WW2 aircraft carrier exposed to a salty river and she'd be painted with something like varnish........ yuck.

Unlike all the other Concordes, G-BOAD was " my " Concorde….. On 21 Oct 2003 I flew on her and I lived the dream of flying on Concorde and travelling faster than sound….. So G-BOAD wasn't just any Concorde, she was extremely special, as she made my dream come true and I spent the happiest 3 1/2 hrs of my whole life.

Apart from my flight, the last time I'd seen G-BOAD was on Thursday 30 Oct 2003 when I had my last Concorde hanger visit.

She looked " brand new ", no scratches, no dents, no paint peeling, no dust, she looked like she'd just come out of a Ferrari show room (see below).

Flight Details

Flight number - BA9093C


Take off at Heathrow Airport

Soon after we got to runway 27L, we heard her engines getting louder and louder I got more and more excited, I got on my blue foot stool, switched my camera on and set it up ready for her.

She took off at 15.37 (GMT) and roared extremely loudly over my head, she was louder than ever before…. As she rapidly passed around 200 feet above me her shockwave knocked me off my blue stool……Wow what a girl what a girl.............

(Map of G-BOAD taking off on  runway 27L - the South runway)


•  Captain .................................... Paul M Douglas

•  Co-pilot ................................... Captain Mike Bannister

•  Engineering Flight Officer  ..... Trevor Norcutt

    •  Engineering Flight Officer  ......Warren Hazelby