G-BOAC - Last flight from Heathrow 31 Oct 2003

Friday 31 Oct 2003 was a cold grey cloudy, damp winter's day, you could see puddles of rain water on the ground, G-BOAC had its last ever flight from Heathrow.

At around 10.15am we heard G-BOAC was parked near Terminal 1…. After her passengers and crew boarded her,  on the tarmac ground crew where pushing her back and making her ready for her last take off.



   •  Captain  ..............................  Captain Paul M Douglas

   •  Co-pilot ..............................  Captain Mike Bannister

   •  Engineering Flight Officer .....  Robert Woodcock

   •  Engineering Flight Officer .....  Trevor Norcutt

Flight Details

Flight number - BA9020C

Robert Woodcock was also the Engineering  Flight officer on my Concorde flight.

Take off at Heathrow Airport

I stood 3ft from the public side of airport fence on my blue stool with my EOS 3 SLR camera and patently waited for her, today there wasn't that many people around.

Normal Concorde take offs where all extremely exciting, happy and thrilling moments but today it didn’t feel like this at all,  it felt more like going to a friend's funeral rather than going to a friend's leaving party……

Overall I had mixed emotions on one side I was very very excited I was going to see her….. on the other side I was very sad as I knew this was going to be her last ever flight from Heathrow and her last ever flight in history.

At around 10.20am I heard her engines getting louder and louder I got more and more excited, I switched my camera on and set it up ready for her.

She took off at around 10.30am on the North runway 27R, she was lighter than usual and didn’t  leave the ground at 09L side of the north runway……She left the ground halfway down the runway at a point roughly opposite Heathrow Police station.

G-BOAC taxiing from Terminal 1 and taking off on runway 27R

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At the time I used 1 x 24 exposure ASA/400 film, below are some of the many photos I took of  her.

After wards I had the feeling that I lost a good friend and knew I'd never see her " alive " (flying) again, I was very sad to see her go but there wasn't anything I could do to stop her……I went back home to Romford and prepared for her sisters ferry flights which where scheduled to leave in Nov 2003.

G-BOAC - Take off videos

Above are videos of  her last take off from Heathrow

Steven Curl was one of the ground crew and the above photos where take by him as G-BOAC was being pushed back.