Heathrow  Airport         Oct 2007


G-BOAB - Heathrow Airport - 29 Oct 2007

Yesterday as a birthday present to my self i treated my self and went to Heathrow to see G-BOAB.

Last time I went to heathrow was 3-4 years ago, at the time Heathrow was the same old familiar place I'd loved all my life but yesterday I got a shock as from Hatton Cross onwards Heathrow looks like a building site.

The Barclays bank at Hatton Cross where me and my old Concorde friends had met in summer 2003 was still there but was now covered in scaffolding, the whole area felt different and in away it felt sad that part of my past has gone forever...........

I slowly walked towards the Concorde hangers with my trusty blue stool + camera and remember all the extremely happy and extremely exciting times I'd had in summer 2003 with my old Concorde friends....... now those good times are gone forever and Heathrow seems so different.

I noticed the BA staff car park has been moved back 500 meters and in its place is a 6 lane dual carriage way with cars going in both directions.

In 2003 Hatton  Cross and the Concorde Hanger

area looked like this (see above)

In 2007 Hatton  Cross and the Concorde Hanger area looked

like this with G-BOAB parked in the corner (see above)

Then in the distance I saw a tail I'd seen for 27 years..... my heart skipped a beat and i got very very very excited and knew it was G-BOAB…….I walked quickly towards her got my camera out and started taking photos of her, it was huge fun and i was HAPPY.

Spent i guess 2 hrs there,  had a brilliant time and as always as i stood on the public footpath on my blue stool.

Only thing is my right arm ached like hell as even on blue stool BA had put those grey fence bands almost higher than my head so i had to put the camera above my head to get ok pics but my arms got very tired.

I was expecting Heathrow Police to be the same bad guys they had been to me in summer 2003, but to my surprise they where not, i was allowed to stand on the public foot path and dream of Concorde.

Standing next to her you could imagine the blue glow of the afterburners and their ear splitting raw, Wow she looked good, she looks brand new, BA and Heathrow airport have looked after as she looks immaculate.

Pity my Concorde G-BOAD in New York doesn't look as good.

There where 3 annoying moments though, Heathrow Police put a copper chopper (police Helicopter) near the Concorde hangers it was hovering there for 20 mins looking at me.

I also had Group 4 security guards in their cars going past where i was standing looking at what i was up to, that was annoying as Heathrow have CCTV so they know what was up to any way and there is no need to harass me like that..........