Concorde's smell in the hanger

In Oct 2003 I was lucky enough to get 2 BA hanger visits. :D  

Before them I'd never seen Concorde up close so i was very very excited to see a "live" Concorde.  

When i got there i had a brilliant time, every one who i met where kind and very helpful, they really knew their stuff about Concorde. :)

I never knew what Concorde smelled like…..I expected Concorde to smell like Channel no 5 but when i got to the hangers Concorde had a oily, petrol, mechanic-ally smell like a fast racing car in a garage.

The plane was big, the wings where huge and while i stood under her i felt very protected and extremely safe under her huge wings.

I saw all 5 Concorde's and each one felt like it had a soul, as the vibes, atmosphere and feeling around each plane was different.

Its a bit like twins or triplets, they may look the same but they are not the same as in their hearts they are all different.

I had a brilliant time  and offer my thanks to the BA Concorde engineers who allowed this to happen :-) :-)

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